Which Moderate has the best pool/playground for toddlers?


Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2000
I am in the throes of indecision here, and am seeking help from you experts! :) We are planning our first trip for May 19 - 24; it will be myself and dh and our 2 1/2 yr old son. I got hooked early on over raves about the Dolphin/Swan, but now (after lots of reading!) I am considering the Moderates.

My question is: can anyone share their advice on what are the best pool and playground areas for little ones at the Moderates? Keeping in mind that our son is only 2 1/2 -- for example, I've read a lot about the great pool at Coronado Springs, but I am getting the impression that the Steppe Temple slide is pretty big. I am thinking it wouldn't be viable for us (him). Are there pool areas that have outstanding atmosphere for toddlers?

Thanks so much for any help!

Port Orleans has the BEST pool for kids in the mod. range. It is a giant serpent and the kids climb up inside and slide down its mouth. It is very colorful Your child will love it! (We are going the week after you and alos have a 2.5 year old!) There are also a couple of play yards as well for the 2 year old energy. You cna also ride a pontoon boat for free over to pleasure island. Our kid loved this as much as any ride.

Have fun!

PS: Disney must think it is the best pool too b/c they always use the serpent pool in all their ads!
We, too, like PO (French Quarter, now). My DS was 4 when we went and the pool was his favorite thing. It's pretty shallow, but you'll need to carry a 2 1/2 year old around and slide down the slide with him/her. (The lifeguards are pretty good about allowing that at POFQ.) The kiddie pool is nothing really special at any of the WDW resorts. I've heard the ones at the water parks are pretty neat, though.
For both pool and playground, I think CSR is best.

The playground is themed to the ancient Mayas and it's really neat and different. The kiddie pool has colorful fish in it. I've heard that if you are there in the morning when it first opens, the lifeguards do a chanting thing with the kids to start the waterfall on the pyramid.

If your kid would really like a slide, Port Orleans French Quarter has the short and slow water slide. They let you go down with a child on your lap. However, the playground at Port Orleans is very ordinary and way too sunny most of the day.

I can only talk about the PO French Quarter since that is where we always stay. Our son has been there at 1, 2, 2.5 and we are going again at 3 and 3.5 years old.

This last trip 2.5 years old he absolutely loved the pool. The slide is small enough he can go down it with his dad. The only one where they will let you do that, as I understand it. The walkway to the pool is lined with alligators that are playing pretend instruments. There is a clam with water cascading out of it into the pool and there is another alligator with water coming out of his instrument. The kiddy pool is very nice for the kids. Very simple but nice. Our son spent most of his time in the big pool and really wasn't interested in the kiddy pool.

The playground is also nice. Padded floor. There is a slide and lots of stuff to climb on. He really enjoyed it. Painted in bright colors. But it isn't in the shade. Right out in the sun. They keep it pretty clean but it can get hot in the late afternoon.

There are also large grassy areas in between the buildings where we could throw a ball or he could just run. He also like the table in the PO Food Court where he could color on the paper.

Dixie Landings is just a short walk and you can also use their pools. We liked the food court down there better. They also had a table with legos for the kids and a larger table for them to color on.

I know they also have a nice playground but we never used it.

The PO (French Quarter) is also a bit smaller than the other moderates. It shares a bus with DXL but is the first stop on...our son was always ready to go then...and the first stop off...in the evenings this was really nice because he was tired, cranky and ready to get off the bus.

We preferred a first floor room. Made it very nice with the stroller. We have stayed in Building number 6, 5 and 4. We prefer building 5 or 4. They are close to the food court and the bus.

You might want to search the resorts board. There are lots of posts there on the moderates. I just read one that compared all four of them. It was interesting.
Thank you all for such great information. It was really helpful. If anyone else can think of anything, I'd love to hear it.

Now, if I could just DECIDE.....! :)



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