Where to stop for some groceries?


Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2001
Hi everyone,

We'll be leaving for WDW this Sat. (can't wait!)
Last trip (4 years ago), we made a stop at Goodings for a some groceries. We are staying at in a suite with full kitchen, and hope to have most breakfast meals there.

I've read many posts remarking how expensive Goodings is , and was wondering if it makes more sense to shop someplace else.

We'll probably only be getting a few things - (frozen waffles, juice, milk, cereal, water, etc.)

We'll be flying into Orlando at about 2pm. , and I really don't want to go out of our way too much. We'll make our grocery stop on the way to the Boardwalk where we are staying.

Any advice? Thanks!

Valerie :D
We stopped at Publix, or TTC stopped for us, I should say. The prices there were very good and there was one near Disney too. I don't know the exact location. Maybe someone else here could tell you.

Hope this helps,

We highly recommend the super walmart on 192. It's a little out of the way but the prices are well worth the trip. Goodlings is very expensive, 1.79 for a 2 liter bottle of soda, 4.99 for a 12pack of coke.
Which way are you coming in? There is a shopping center on Sand Lake Rd. with a Goodings, and around the corner there is an Albertson's. It's about 10-15 minutes from WDW. Goodings is expensive, but if you notice, the area around WDW is middle-upper and upper-class citizens who can afford to shop there.

Hi Everyone! I'm here at Westgate Villas off of 192 right now! We went to MK on Sun, Seaworld on Mon, Rested on Tues and Went to IOA today. USF tomorrow.
Hey, We went about 3-4 miles west on 192 and couldn't find the Super Walmart. When we went east, we found a publix, on the north side. The prices were great. I didn't think much of it was very expensive. If you have a kitchen, I'd think about buying stuff to make your own pizzas. We just ordered 3, picked them up ourselves and it was $46. We only spent $51 at the store! Guess I learned a tip for next time.


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