Where to eat breakfast when staying at the Beach Club??


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Jul 27, 2000
Hi, everyone!! I'm so excited to be staying at the Beach Club with my husband to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary (10/25-10/29). Since we've never stayed on the Boardwalk, it's a little confusing to me and I'm wondering where we can eat breakfast. Any ideas??


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When we stayed there, we ate breakfast at Yacht Club Galley and Spoodles on the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk Bakery has some takeout items. Not sure if Beaches & Cream has morning takeout. Cape May Cafe has a character breakfast.
The character breakfast at Cape May was very good and you should do it atleast one morning. We stayed at BWI and had take out breakfast almost every morning from the BWBakery. You can sit at tables outside the bakery, or take your breakfast up to the BW porch and sit on the rockers. One morning we ate in our room due to the cool weather. They had great stuff! We like to eat simply and quickly in morning so we would get- muffins, bagels, fruit, yogart, juice. DH did have a breakfast burrito thing one morning that he liked. Kids could get donuts, cereal, apple juice boxes. They will make toast too. Spoodles serves a sit down breakfast although we never tried it.
We stayed at the Yacht Club last year just before Christmas. Our favorites were the Yachtsman Steakhouse (since the Yacht Club Galley was closed) and Cape Mae character breakfast. Both were wonderful!!

Beaches and Cream has excellent muffins, my DD and I got them a few mornings when we stayed at the YC
The Boardwalk bakery is great... AHHH the smell of the food as you enter the store...

Spoodles is nice, breakfast buffet, when we were there last year.

Since you are at the beach club, you may want to check the Buffeteria in the Dolphin, self service breakfast, fast and quick. As least when we were there.
Spoodles no longer has a breakfast buffet, but does have an all your care to eat option as well as a la carte.

Cape May character breakfast is terrific. We also love going to the Boardwalk bakery early in the am. We sit out with muffins or breakfast sandwiches and enjoy the peacefulness of it all.
We love the brakfast buffet at Cape May with Minnie, Goofy and Chip'n'Dale and the food is very good, lots of variety and very fresh whatever time you go.

Beaches and Cream offers counter service of Cereals, milks, fruits, muffins, bagels, croissants, coffe and juice. I agree with helenk the muffins are good.

We had to go to the Yachtsman as the Yacht Club Gallery was closed and this was the best a la carte breakfast I'd ever had, DBF especially pleased as he couldn't wait to eat steak and eggs for breakfast - not a dish you get that often in the UK;)
Yacht Club Galley is now open for breakfast and lunch.

If you feel like a little walk, you can always try Tubbi's at the Dolphin. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, so won't personally recommend it, but many folks, especially those with large families, like this place.

Beaches and Cream does it for me. Pick up a light breakfast and head to the water for a peaceful start to the day.


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