Where to buy glow sticks/glow in dark toys to avoid buying in the park?


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Sep 28, 2004
My kids 3 and 7 always want and beg for the glow in the dark sticks/toys at the park. Esp at Fantasmic. Where can I buy glow things ahead of time for much less?
Go to the Dollar Store. You can get a bunch for $1. We pass them out to other kids around us too!
Dollar Tree is great for glow sticks/necklaces. If you want Disney spinning toys, they have them at the Disney Store. They're around $8 I think? Still less then they charge in the parks.

We also found some really cool light up spinning lights in a globe at Target. I got lucky and found it 75% off, but even full price they were only $5.
I got mine at the target dollar spot last summer, they had braclets and necklaces. Also if you want a bunch Oriental Traders sells them online.
I got a HUGE pack off Ebay for under $10. We had enough for all 3 kids for the trip and any other night time event we go to for the next few years as long as I don't lose them first!
You can also get them at Wal-Mart in the party section. I think they are $1.44 a package! With all of the suggestions here, you should be able to find a good deal to fit your need/ budget!!
I bought mini-fans at Big Lots (learned about them from this board) that hang around their necks and also have a spinning light in the middle of the fan. I bought Buzz and Tink, but they also had Princesses and I saw Cars at Walmart.
My daughters are going to "Night Camp" with Girl Scouts this summer -- it's the week when the whole camps sleeps late and stays up for cool, night activities. I bought them a whole bunch of light-up sticks from ebay, and they were very inexpensive. Of course, I bought enough for them to share with the whole unit, so my final price wasn't all that cheap! But it was a good value for the quantity I bought.
Oriental Trading.....I buy them in huge quantities at Halloween to give out with candy, great prices
I bought these fans also. They were $3 each at our Big Lots. Question ref light sticks/necklaces...they say for ages 3 and over. Do they have any removabe parts? I'd like to get some for our trip for my 20month old grandson. Obviously we wouldn't leave him unattended with them, but is there anything that could hurt him?
Illuminationz.com has glow bracelets for $9.50 for 100. I have used them before. I also have bought items from extremeglow.com. Both are great sites and a lot less than anything at disney!:cool1:
For our last trip in March I found reusable glow sticks (lime green of course!!:thumbsup2 ) in the Walmart fishing/outdoor section. They use a battery so can be used forever. The stick can either flash or stay solidly lit or of course off. They were only 2.49 each which is a bargain since they are forever. They came with a little lanyard but we used their bigger disney lanyards and just clipped them on.

They were a big hit!!!

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I bought two cans of them from Michaels for our last trip, I think they were $1 each.

We did this for our trip as well. There are 15 in the tube and you can connect them and make necklaces and bracelets. My boys LOVED them.
I must admit, I bought a ton of glow sticks from Dollar Tree...

But, althought my kids love them here at the house.. they looked pretty lame compared to all of the great things Disney sells.

I wanted a String Thing... from Disney.. the neon string, flys around in a circle, with the black light. Much cooler than a glow stick. (My DH bought me one.) That entertained the kids for hours.

My five year old picked out a spinning toy, and he still plays with it, to this day. It's one of his favorite toys.

(They each got $20 to spend on whatever they wanted.. this was one of his choices).

So, while it's a lovely idea, to get the glow sticks, they are not nearly as cool as what Disney offers. And I still have several tubes of glow sticks here, because they just didn't cut it. (My kids never complained... I would like to add that... it was me that thought they looked lame).
We used glowsource.com. Great light-up and glow products. We bought 24 of the cool LED chaser light necklaces (used some for birthday party favors) and the rest at WDW. They were just under $4 each - a great buy! They have replaceable batteries, a clasp with a magnetic gizmo, and are well-made. You can choose from 5 different flashing patterns easily. These seem to be the same ones for sale from the carts at WDW, but are a fraction of the price. We also bought some of the same firm's fun light up jester hats to wear to the MVMCP. We were certainly a sight!

We even linked four of the necklaces together (two made a big circle and interlocked one each for the ears) and made a big colorful flashing Mickey symbol that we hung from our YC balcony. It was great to hear the comments from the passers-by! Of course, we've saved them and plan to use them again on future WDW trips - they're better quality and longer lasting than the one-time-use-only glow sticks. They've been pulled out many times for 4th of July and other outdoor evening events. I'd highly recommend this company.:thumbsup2


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