Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!

  • goopysolelady

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    Jul 16, 2008
    I saw this. Happy for them not a fan of Alabama.
    :faint: The first thing both David and I did this morning was check the Houston Chronicle Sports Page! :rotfl2: We wanted to make sure we hadn't both had the same DREAM! :rotfl2: Instant classic game...not just because A&M won but because it was a GREAT game. The end results were in question until the final second. A&M's kicker put a spin on that ball making everyone think it was going to be "wide left" :crazy:; that brief second everyone thought it was no good even made Alabama player's beginning to celebrate! The chaos on the field was WELL worth the $250,000 fine A&M will receive! :rotfl: Over 100,000 attended the game and the stands "cleared" afterwards!


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