Where are all the old posts?

JandD Mom

Striving for a magical life!
Aug 15, 2000
Hi everyone,

I know I was away for the weekend, but what happened to all the old posts? There was a wealth of information I was able to get by just searching hotel names. Now I can't find anything. Were they deleted? Have they been moved? Did I miss an announcement or something?:mad:
A moderator could probably give you a better answer, but for now go to:
2)click on discussion boards....
3)This will take you to the old boards (you can read and search, but not post).

Yes, JandD Mom, the old Boards are still in exactly the same place, just in read-only format (we are trying to import all the old posts, but it is a tough proposition).

Just click on this link to take you back:

Old Orlando Board!


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