when will it stop raining?


Sep 17, 2006
I know this would happen as soon as im off for summer the weather would change too Its raining sooo heavy here! i hope it gets better soon! :sad2:
I wish i was in florida now!

Anyone else got the same problem? :confused3
Aww I'm sorry.

Last week we had flood warnings everyday. It rained. ALOT. Now it's stopped and we should'nt have anymore for a while.

I hope the weather changes in you favor. :]
It hasn't rained here like that yet. We get nighttime thunderstorms sometimes where it downpours, but that's it. It's sunny here, but it's barely 80 degrees. Thankfully, it's going back up to the mid-90's by Tuesday.

I hope your weather gets nicer ASAP!
It rained last night
Scared the crap out of my dogs
Got me soaking wet. (As my mom put I got a shower outside)
I hate rain -.-

Its rained here some but not all day everyday.It'll rain like aton for 1 day then stop for a few days n stuff.
I have tennis at a local university on Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday nights from 6-8. In the past two weeks, we have gotten rained out 3 times.
I was just at WDW (Only got back Tuesday), and it's raining a bit in Florida, too. Not constantly, just for, like, an hour pretty heavy around 3 or 4.

It was raining here in England, but now it is Sunny and really hot. It doesn't really bother me because I'm still at school. The only time it does bother me is when it is raining and I am walking home from school.
It poured Tuesday night in Quebec.
It poured this afternoon, and we left my friends phone book outside.
It's rained alot today (my first day of summer vaction) but i really didn't care cuz i like better then the sun for some reason. Just like the snow.
it hasn't been raining a lot in minnesota, just a little bit. i wish it would rain more, i love the rain.

the only thing annoying about the rain we have recieved is that it rains really heavy for like 3 minutes then stops, then an hour or so later it rains like 5 minutes, then stops. and keeps going like that.

in the winter it did the exact same thing except snow instead of rain. and it was like blizzard conditions.
The Southeast? Huh. That's where I live, but we've been having something of a drought recently; the trees and grass are browning and the city is putting limits on when and how long you can use water, so we could actually realy use a lot of rain right about now.


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