when was the last time you unexpectedly bumped into someone you know?

Two hours ago! A former student wandered into the rose parade float barn where I volunteer every Saturday!
I am going to assume you mean and oddity or odd place where you didn't expect to see them. With that parameter the last time that happened, happened three times actually, it was 1983 in Magic Kingdom. At the time I lived in Vermont. Of the people I met, two were from my neighborhood and one was a business connection. My 6 and 9 year old daughters were convinced that I must have been the most popular person in the world and were quite impressed. Personally I was just very surprised. Turns out I wasn't actually the most popular in the world because it never happened again.
On my birthday.
Taken out to dinner by friends and joined by someone I’d feuded with for too long. Nice to bury the hatchet ( not in each other’s heads) and move on with our relationship.
I saw a co-worker in the same NYC subway while we both were employed at our Florida location. Neither of us knew we were going to NYC for a vacation. Odds?
Yesterday. My daughters’ father walked into the restaurant my mom & I were having breakfast at. We did not speak to one another, though I am pretty sure he knew I was there.
A couple of years ago, I was at the airport waiting for a flight to Florida and a friend and former co-worker that I hadn't seen in probably 25 years posted on FB that he was at the airport heading to Paris. Turns out we were at the same airport (not the main airport for either one of us) only 2 gates away from each other so I ran over and we got to see each other and somewhat catch up. It was so great to see him and meet his girlfriend!
Other than locally where it is seems to be unavoidable... I did see somebody from work in the airport in Florida. Which in reality is not that unusual because that is a very popular non-stop flight from here.

I guess one odd thing is though, (I did not know the people, but DH talks WAY too much to strangers) on vacation in Branson, MO we uncovered through a long conversation w/some people at the pool we never met before that her aunt was good friends with my mom, and I knew a lot of her family. It was one of those things where people are talking and they said oh yea we have relatives in such and such area, and it gets narrowed down to a town, and then it's names you recognize.


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