When to go...2020


Earning My Ears
Apr 1, 2019
We are looking to plan our next trip for 2020. For various reasons, ideally the months would be any time between Mid-January to Mid-May. We are a family of 5..kid's ages at the time of the trip would be 7.5,7.5 and 2.5.

We were leaning towards late January or early feb for low crowds but were not thrilled at the possibility of cold temperatures and the risk of travel issues due to weather. However, I know May can start getting pretty hot! Any suggestions to help tip the scales?


DIS Veteran
Jul 28, 2008
I've done late Feb ( temps were in the 60s most days with a random day in the mid-70s ) - crowd levels were good, no rain. I also did early May and loved it but it did get warm - mostly mid-80s that trip. Crowds were not bad either.


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