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  1. kylieh

    kylieh DIS Veteran

    Jun 18, 2006
    This will be our first visit at Universal, and we'll be hiring DD16 a chair for both our days from the park. She has limited endurance/mobility, can transfer ok.


    • Are all of the lines wheelchair friendly?
    • For rides I'm not riding, am I ok to push her to the front on the longer queues then wait somewhere? Some lines look really long looking at YouTubes.
    • When I am riding with her, will the wheelchair be somewhere when she leaves the ride?
    • When we ride Hogwart's Express, do we leave the wheelchair at one park and pick up a new one at the other, or does it go with us?
    We'll all have Express Passes and Two Park per day tickets.

    We won't be onsite at Disney until the following week and will have limited need for a wheelchair otherwise those first few days, hence hiring from the park.
  2. Mrsjvb

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    Sep 5, 2007

    1: yup. Zero entry which I loved( caveat I don’t do coasters so no idea if they are the same)
    2: not sure of a chicken exit at all/ any rides or how you’d get to the end point if it’s different
    3: same set up as Disney handles that
    4: it gets stashed at the back of the car. Be sure and take it both ways( the experience is different each direction)
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  3. kylieh

    kylieh DIS Veteran

    Jun 18, 2006
    Thank you. Much appreciated
  4. Mary976

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    Nov 10, 2007
    1) Yes you can take the wheelchair through the lines

    2) Yes you are fine to wait with her and not ride. I took DD one time (uses wheelchair) after I had just had surgery and could ride almost nothing. I waited in line with DD and then ducked out at the end. All the rides have either an alternate waiting area or a separate exit.

    3) yes, the staff move the wheelchair to the exit.

    4) for people that can transfer they will stow the chair on the train. If you cannot transfer then there one car where they can open the door a little bit wider. If she can transfer though that’s probably your best bet. Sometimes there can be an extra wait for a wheelchair accessible train car.

    Have a great trip!
  5. Tege

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Universal is very wheelchair friendly. All lines are wide enough for a wheelchair and if there are stairs then there is an elevator to take. Also, others don’t seem as resentful of wheelchair users since Universal still has you do much of the line based on Express Pass or Non Express Pass so no benefit for “cheaters”

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