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Aug 20, 2006
While most of you probably don't recognize me, I was a regular poster here about a decade ago. Aside from a quick weekend visit to see my parents, I haven't been to a Disney property in almost 10 years. I retired last month and my wife and I will be empty nesters at the end of this summer. We've already got a Disney tripped penciled in for September.

How's the forum doing? Based on a quick glance, it seems quieter than it used to be. My guess is that taking pictures is much more popular than it ever has been with the ubiquity of cell phone cameras. On the other hand, it feels like serious interest in photography has declined, possibly because it is so much easier to get good pictures and because the cameras most people use no longer allow for a lot of manual control.

I'll probably be on Disboards a lot more as we work on our trip plans.


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Oct 2, 1999
Mark -I remember you well and your wonderful photography. Happy to hear that you are retired now and planning a WDW trip; you have so much to catch up on and see for the first time.

Yes, I think the Photography board and the Theme Park Community board are not as busy as they once were but there are several of us regulars who try to post every day or so. People still post occasional camera/lens questions and get helpful answers.

I retired too in 2016 and we moved to Colorado Springs, CO from Maryland. Pikes Peak, our frequent snows and our trips to the national parks of the west give me plenty of inspiration! I also recently added the Sony a6000 to my Canon lineup; still learning and trying to get better with both.

Anyway, super glad to hear from you and looking forward to your posts!


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Nov 26, 2002
Sure I remember you Mark! :) I recall your technical proficiency, always trying new methods and inspiring the rest of us to take better photos. There is not much technical on this board now.
I retired at the end of 2015 (I highly recommend retirement) and moved to 2-1/2 hours north of WDW. Now I modify Disney monorail models as much as taking photos.
I also remember your Lotus 7 replica and your canoe in your pool. :)
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