What's the best way to get from WDW to Universal without a rental car?

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Dec 6, 2000
We are planning a trip to Orlando in July and besides Walt Disney World, the kids also want to go to Universal Studios for a couple of days. We will be staying in one of the Disney resorts and the majority of our stay will be at Disney World (6 days). I really don't want to rent a car just for 2 days. Does anyone have any suggestions for transportation to get to Universal and back to Disney?

My husband and I do this every year. There's a 1-800 number for Mears somewhere on these boards. We just call Mears the night before we want to go to Universal and they give us a time (7:20, 8:20, 9:20....) that they will be stopping at our resort. It's very inexpensive (maybe $10 or $12 per adult roundtrip). And Mears stops at Disney resorts everyday all day, so it's a common thing to do.
If you are a family of 4 then Mears is going to charge you at least $40 not including tip. You can rent a car from National Car(which is onsite at WDW. They will pick you up at your hotel and bring you to their center. You can rent a car for the same price ($40)and keep it all day. You can also eat outside the park which is much cheaper than inside. With the car, you can shop at the grocery store and pick up water, snax, etc. which is extremely cheaper than if you bought if from your hotel. We do this every year and it works out great. Give it a shot

Good call on the rental car. We are a family of 7 so I am guessing it would be cheaper for us to rent a car rather than do a Mears for 2 days. I did not know National was on WDW property. Where exactly are they, in the resorts or somewhere else? Thanks again for all of your help.


Tiffany Towncar will pick you up at the airport baggage claim and take you to your resort in a limo or luxary van for about $40 each way. Check their rates at www.tiffanytowncar.com. We used them on our last Disney trip and they even picked us up at our room and helped with the luggage.

Nat'l is located at the Dolphin resort and at the Exxon by MK. You can also use Avis at the Hilton onsite or Budget at the Double Tree or Thrifty at the Grosvenor. Ask if they will pick you up to take you to your car and if you can drop at airport or back where you got it. Different rules for different agencies.
Lynx, Orlando's local bus company, has two routes -- 301 and 302 -- that link WDW and USF.

The fare is $1. Catch is, it'll probably take a while.

If you go to http://www.golynx.com you can download a PDF file of the routes and review the schedules

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