What type of sling or carrier to use?


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Jan 25, 2002
We will be visiting WDW for the first time with kids this June. Our youngest will be 7 months
old. From what I've read a sling or carrier seems to be the way to go when you are standing
in line. I have never really used one with my 2 older kids and need some advice on which
brand or style. I have a bad back so my husband will probably be holding her when we are standing for extended periods. He is not particularly tall, but does have a stocky or athletic build. Any suggestions on what would be best for him with a baby that size?
There are alot of great slings and also front carriers. I would suggest going with your baby and dh to a specialty baby store and trying out as many as you can. I liked the NoJo but my sil likes the low end Dr. Sears model. My best friend is happier with a Toys R Us Snugly so you never know.

There are also lots of websites that have pros and cons on various slings but I think it depends more on personal preference. It also depends on how your baby likes to be held/carried so thats why trying a bunch on with baby is a good idea. You may have to spend a bit more but most specialty stores will allow you to return a sling if it dosen't work out and try another brand/version. Try one out at home and be sure your comfy before the trip - I often did laundry, misc chores and sometimes cooking prep while wearing baby. I loved the sling at WDW with my girls - wore them in line and on rides! Have fun.
... on the rides; a front carrier will get in the way of the bar, while a sling allows you to scoot baby out to the side a bit. Remember to take temperature into account when buying; a dark or heavily padded sling is going to be very hot to wear in June.
If you can find someone locally who sells slings, they can help you learn how to use it. Your local La Leche League leader may know a distributor. It takes practice but is well worth it. We used it almost exclusively at WDW last year when my dd was 9 months old.

I would definetly recommend trying out the different types of carriers with the baby. Baby may have a definite preference!! My DD loved the sling until about 4 months old and then she did not like to be carried in it, in any position. I then got a Baby Bjorn front carrier and she LOVED it! It was easy to snap baby in and get her out. Your could have your baby in it and taken out for rides in a jiffy. It was also easy to put on. She loved that she was almost eye level with people and she always got quite a bit of attention when I carried her which was all the time since she did not like her stroller. I would definetly still take a stroller into the parks though, they make such good storage centers!

Again though definetly take baby and try some carriers out and see what baby and you like.
I was in the same kind of situation as you - I wanted a carrier for my 7 m.o. for Disney. I did not want to spend a lot of money since I knew I would rarely use it other than for my trip. I almost bought the Baby Bjorn but I was just cringing at paying so much for something I would hardly use. Then I found a front carrier made by Playskool at Walmart (in Canada though). It was about $30 and worked similar to the Baby Bjorn, except that instead of using snaps it used clips (like you have on your stroller harness). It was very easy to get the baby in and out of. One person could do it standing up. A lot of front carriers have to be slipped on like a pair of pants and the harness goes over the baby's shoulders so basically you have to lay the baby down to put it on, but, because this one opens up with the clips, you can put the harness on and then slip the baby in and snap the clips shut. Unfortunately, my carrier is packed away so I do not have the exact name, but it was the only one I've ever seen by Playskool.

I also have a side sling made for children to sit in only. It is good for older children but would also work for a baby that does not need back support (though you do have to keep a hand free to make sure they don't fall. It's basically like holding them in your arm except their weight is distributed across the strap slung across your shoulder). Also very easy to get child in and out and very compact. This is by MAWS and I got it at babystyle.com but I've also seen it at other baby stores like Rightstart, or even Burlington Coat Factory. It was also about $30.
Thanks guys! You have given me a wealth of information. We will look into all of these and see what works best for us and our baby. If you do use the front carrier what do you do with the baby on the ride? Sit beside you, hold on lap? I'm guessing that some rides have a lap bar, if in a sling or front carrier how do you manuever them around it. Thanks again for all the info. :)

I didn't always have the baby in the carrier when I went on the rides. If it was a short ride, like Dumbo then maybe yes, but most of the time I took her out and sat her on my lap (or let her "stand" on my lap.

I would say that many of the rides that you would take a baby on don't even have a lap bar. I did not experience any problems on those that do, like Winnie-the-Pooh. Whether you have the baby on your lap with a carrier or without a carrier doesn't make any difference. The baby was always on my lap, not sitting beside me. First of all, I wouldn't trust her to stay on the seat on even the calmest ride and second, she could see everything much better sitting on my lap.

If you are lucky you won't have to stand in line much, but the carrier is nice to have as it gives the baby a different point of view.
Just wanted to comment on how baby rides. With a front carrier like the Baby Bjorn baby can stay right in the carrier and be sitting on you lap at the same time provided you have the baby facing out. The Baby Bjorn also unsnaps on the sides so you can easily unsnap and slip baby out to sit with DH or you. We were just there in Nov. and our DD rode on our laps for all the rides or we held her such as the case was for the carousel.
I used both the NoJo sling and the Baby Bjorn carrier for my little guy. I felt the carrier was WELL worth the money and at times seemed easier to manage than the sling! Also, there were times I would get hot in the sling--all that material! The BabyBjorn was so user friendly (tried a Snugli carrier with first DD--ugh-was not easy to use) and if I ever wanted to nurse him all I would have to do was unsnap one side and pivot him down to my breast...didn't need to take him out. I would definitely try them both out, but keep in mind they both take a little gettting used to, and 5 minutes in a store might not give you the best impression (especially the sling--that takes some practice). Also, the Baby Bjorn makes a model for "big" guys and gals...longer straps, I think.

Good luck!

I was in the same situation almost 2 yrs ago. I posted here and got a great web site were i found a lightweight sling. It is made of mesh and water proof. I loved it. It was so nice in lines and even in the pool. I just looked and I got it from KangarooKorner.com they have a great site with instrutions if I remeber correctly. I would really look into it for the summer months. It is very lightweight and easy to manuver.
Had a baby front carrier for dd, never used it. For ds, I used two ~ I teach fitness, and one class was called Parent & Tot Fitness, exercise with mommy and baby. The first one I used was a Snugni for $25.00 at WalMart in Ontario. The second was a lent to me by a supplier to try during classes. It was called the Baby Trekker. It was $100 Canadian Funds. Although The Baby Trekker was better in the way that it distributed baby's weight better, so better for my back, I could not justify the $100 cost, it didn't hurt my back to use the Snugli. The Baby Trekker was bigger and bulky, won't want to pack it, would take up too much room. The Snugli was easy to pack. We took the Snugli to WDW and NEVER USED IT AT ALL!!!!!!!!! It was too much trouble ~ put the baby in, walk to the ride, take the baby out for the ride etc.,. Now, the lines weren't long when we went. I could see if you had an hour wait in line and the baby likes the carrier. Unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need one or want one, I would just borrow one from a friend. You might not even use it if you don't already use one.
Here's another vote for the baby bjorn! We used ours all the time & loved it. I think it would be especially convenient for shows or sitting on boat rides because the baby sits on your lap, facing front, but is secured by the carrier. It's hard to explain, but it's very comfortable & easy to use

I took my 7 month old to a baseball game & used it. It was nice not having to worry about holding him. Your hands are free also, which is great!
I've used 2 slings, the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and the May Wrap. I liked the Maya Wrap better because it's very lightweight and can double as a shade on my stroller. You can see the Maya Wrap at www.mayawrap.com. The fabrics are absolutely beautiful!

I left it at home on my last trip when my DD was 28 months ... what a mistake! She either wants to walk or she wants to be carried. Putting her in her stroller results in a huge screaming fit. I really needed my Maya Wrap to help redistribute her weight while carrying her.


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