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Jun 26, 2002
I know this may sound silly and I really shouldn't care... BUT...

What do you say to family/friends when you mention that you are going to Disney at least 1 or 2 times a year? I can feel they are thinking, won't they get burned out or don't they want to vacation elsewhere?

What we think is that it is a whole different exp. at different resorts and different times of year. I find it difficult to do this w/out feeling that I am bragging or dwelling on how much we love DVC!

I hope this makes sense. Any opinions or ideas out there??:confused:
We just tell them that is where we like to vacation the best. We have tried other places and venues and never enjoy ourselves the same way. Also, WDW is a huge resort and we never do everything. Each trip is kind of centered around trying one new thing. Others have many places they'd like to visit and that is a matter of preference. I don't knock their choices, although for the life of me I don't get the off road tent camping thing as a vacation--Iol--but I respect that others enjoy it. If they don't get it, I usually politely end the conversation. I don't feel that I have to justify the way I choose to spend my leisure time with other family members or friends.
Someone once told me this wise piece of advice.

"For those that understand, no explaination is necessary. For those that don't understand, no explaination will do."

This is the motto that our family lives by, hopes this helps.
Belle and Rella's Dad, I like that advice. I am really tired of hearing people say "why do you go to WDW twice a year"?. I am planning a trip with just a girlfriend of mine in March, this will be my first trip away from the kids since they were born. My neighbor just asked me last night, where are you going? I told her WDW, and she went into this long conversation about don't I want to go other places, especially since I won't have the kids along? I told her if I wanted to go someplace else, I wouldn't have a reservation at WDW! It just gets so tiring.

queenof4hearts, sorry I can't be of much help, as you can tell, I am really fustrated too! At least my Mom as well as a friend of mine really love to go to WDW too, so I have them to talk to!
"Oh, we have a timeshare there, so we go every year."

Some people will take this to mean that you feel you are trapped by your timeshare, but who cares.

And for those busybodies who need to be told its none of their business, like your neighbor, "Some people go to Hawaii every year, some people cruise, some ski, some people go to the shore or their cabin - I go to Disney."

My in-laws will be taking their sixth trip to Rome in five years this March. I hate Rome, I can't imagine going back there, yet they go every year. My former boss used to spend three weeks in Thailand every year - all the places in the world open to him, and he went to Bangkok! Disney trips suddenly seem rational. (I've been to Bangkok, and while it does have its charms, it isn't Disney).
"For those that understand, no explaination is necessary. For those that don't understand, no explaination will do."
I think that sums it up perfectly, and is a reminder to us Disney fanatics not to waste too much time trying to explain ourselves to others! :earsboy:
...and she went into this long conversation about don't I want to go other places,...
Ahhh...Isn't it good that we all have friends and neighbors (and even family) to help us see the error of our ways?!? :rolleyes: I've heard that same speech enough that I've gotten to where I keep our trips as "stealthy" as possible. We have a trip coming up in three weeks, and almost nobody outside my household even knows about it! And I'm getting to where I like it that way! :earsboy:
:D Everybody has their "thing". Some are rabid sports fans, some will go to every Britiney Spears concert, some will do nothing but fish every chance they get. To each his own. We get the same thing from our family when we say were going to wdw again.Only a Disney fan understands!:smooth:
Not married, no kids, same boyfriend for the last 15 years and WE BOTH LOVE DISNEY! Taking our 15th trip in 13 years this month.

But I can't even use kids as an excuse to go every year. I even had one coworker who has never once been to Disney say to me "Disney again? C'mon now, you're grownups!"

So when someone asks "Why Disney every year?" I start telling them all the wonderful things I like about Disney and why they should go, then I tell them about DVC and why they should buy it until their eyes glaze over and they are sorry they asked!:rolleyes:

They never ask again!;)
Excellent question........

We quit trying to explain it. We love going to WDW, we love the accomodations, we love the parks, we love spending time together as a family, what further explanation need be offered?
We quit a long time ago explaining the WHY'S of our WDW vacations. When we bought into DVC our families just thought we were nuts. We got the "You are locking yourselves into WDW for 40 YEARS!?" LOL!! Like they thought that was a sentence or something!!!!

We just happen to love WDW and all it has to offer. Heck, we were there over a weekend in December and never set foot in a park during daylight hours! We did the monorall loop and checked out all the decorations in the resorts, grabbed lunch at B&C and our CM friend took us to Property Control. Only in the evenings did we venture to the parks to do MVMCP, CP and the lights at MGM.

The way we see it, is that we have worked long and hard over the years and are finally in a position that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor and we'll do what we want and what brings pleasure to us.

remember the magic
DVC/BCVs 2002
"For those that understand, no explaination is necessary. For those that don't understand, no explaination will do."

WOW! What a great statement ... and so true!

I have a favorite saying that sums up my travel also-

"Find a place that makes you happy... then go there!" :)
Originally posted by Belle and Rella's Dad
Someone once told me this wise piece of advice.

"For those that understand, no explaination is necessary. For those that don't understand, no explaination will do."

This is the motto that our family lives by, hopes this helps.

Smart person, whoever that was. I also love the meaning behind that. Great motto for your family.

Our family and friends always say "seems like your always going to WDW" or "it must be nice to have so much money to do that" (NOT). We just smile and don't bother to reply. They are in the no explanation will do category!;)
U BE U:D :D :D ......

You'll never please alllllllllllllllllll of the people alllllllllllllll of the time:jester: :jester: .....
I've learned to say I'm going to Orlando. For other theme park fanatics its more than explanation enough.

I find that for everyone else there seems to be a jealousy factor going on that I can schedule my life to have "so many vacations". I actually don't take anymore time than anyone else but I only have to manage myself and can split the time up into long weekends or attach it to holidays.
I just say we're going to Florida again. If they say Disney, and I say yes, and they say "AGAIN?" I reply: Why does everyone question someone who wants to go to Disney every year? You go to the same shore every year, some people go skiing, hunting, fishing, golfing, etc. at the same places every year, so what's the difference? We like where we're going and will continue to go back. There's always something new to do, and you can't possibly get bored there, ever.:D

We have friends who have gone to Vermont every summer since 1981. They rent the same cabin every year. Since getting the "Disney" bug, I've stopped asking them why they go to Vermont every year.
The last three years we've done three trips each.This year-2003- we'll be there for 5- 1 week trips, so I'm very used to the raised eye-brows and "How can you's..." questions. I just tell them I love the entire central Fl. location and staying in WDW is like living in a city that everyone is on vacation in.
I just smile and say "timeshare" and that seems to shut folks up, as if I HAVE to go or I'd lose money... I have one friend who teases me terribly and says she is going to stage an intervention for me so I stop doing the Boards and thinking about my next trip... Imagine a Disney Intervention? Where would they send us to detox...perhaps ORLANDO????

I love Disney and a few magic people "get that" and many don't... just keep smiling and say "timeshare..."
I tell them loud and proud, "we're going to wdw again".
Some people get "it", others will never get "it". Hey, if everybody loved the place the way we do, we'd never be able to get a reservation and all the rides would have 3 hour waits year round. I thank God there's different strokes for different folks.

Not only do we have to explain that we're going to WDW again, we always get asked, "Why would you go there, when we have Disneyland right here?" Even though Disneyland will always be our favorite park (there's just a magic there that's hard to explain), we really enjoy going to WDW. We've never had the same trip twice!

It really upset me when I found out that our travel agent (for this one and only time) made a comment to her son about me and that she hates it when people only go one place for vacation. Never mind that fact that in addition to our trips to WDW, we've gone to Peru, Jamaica, and St. Lucia. Oh well!

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