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  1. Timon71

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    Mar 16, 2001
    Hello everyone,
    My princess and I have an intimate wedding scheduled for October 29 at 11 AM at Sunset Pt.
    I was wondering what I can expect from Disney. Our coordinator is Donna and we are staying at GF from 10-28 until 11-3 and also going to MNSSHP on Halloween.
    Thanks for all the information in advance,

    Monica & Jay
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    Mar 9, 2002
    Monica & Jay,
    Congratulations! Sunset Pointe is lovely, with a beautiful view of the castle. If your coordinator is Donna Jarrett, then she's really your Sales Manager. You should be getting an Event Manager shortly, who will send you out the planning kit.
    The planning kit is really fun. You'll fill out your choices for things like the music selections, and they give you lists of popular song choices. You will tell them when and where you want to use the 4 hour limo charter. You'll also select your cake flavors and fillings, and give them information about your officiant.
    They'll include pics of the bouquet and boutonniere choices, as well as flyers and pricing for Disney Photographic Services and Videography Services.
    On your planning kit, you can add requests for special transportation like Cindy's Coach, special ceremony features like dove release, and any characters that you want to attend your cake cutting.
    If you haen't been yet, I would definitely suggest going to http://www.yourfairytale.com and looking at different vendors and reception locations. Also, definitely join the disneymooners list on Yahoo, which is where we have gotten most of our information from. The intimate wedding coordinators are not the most helpful.
    If you plan on having a reception that is not in the general area of a restaurant, the options are somewhat limited for intimate brides, so you need to get creative. We looked at Citrico's Chef's Domaine, but since it is closed on Mondays (our wedding day), we ended up booking V&A's private room. Private Dining at the deluxe resorts also offers some nice options. We're going to watch fireworks on the Grand One yacht after our dinner reception, so there are some special additions that can be made, though the intimate coordinators won't be overly helpful here (their knowledge ends with the ceremony). We ended up doing tons of research ourselves and, after speaking with several different departments at WDW, chose our reception location and the yacht.
    Let us know if you have any other questions!
    Heather P

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