what to do beside rollercoasters?


Finally going Back!!
Aug 28, 2000
I will be going to US and IOA for the first time in Sept. What are good options for someone with motion sickness?
I too have motion sickness...when hubby and kids go on the coasters, I do a little looking around in the shops, people watch, grab a drink and just relax. It never takes them to long to get through the lines. Have a great trip, both parks are outstanding. :)
A couple things in Jurassic Park at IOA that I think are often overlooked are the Camp Jurassic (with the amber mines / caves / jungle paths) and the Discovery Center. Excellent photo ops in the Camp (watch the wet areas), it's like a huge movie set you're walking thru and exploring.
Discovery Center is great interaction "toys".

In Toon Lagoon (IOA), check out the view from Me Ship, The Olive. It looks like a kids playground, but it's for adults too! You can even squirt water on people in the Popeye/Bluto Barges. They're 90% wet already, so they don't mind! hee-hee!
I am very prone to motion sickness but I don't get it on the coasters at IOA. They are so smooth that you should be able to handle them. You will get more motion sickness on Cat in the Hat than the coasters.

I believe you will be pretty much fine with all of the rides inside Universal because if my memory serves me correct, there aren't any coasters so you will definitely have plenty of rides to pick and choose from.

There are lots of rides but no rollercoasters namely the most popular ones being Earthquake, Jaws, E.T., Back to the Future, Twister, and Kongfrontation.

In addition there are a lot other things besides rides such as the Terminator 3-D show, Alfred Hitchcock attraction, along with many others.

I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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