What time does DME START running in the am?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by SarahD, Jan 3, 2009.

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    We're flying in on two different airlines (2 free tickets on each) and arriving at very separate times on Saturday (in two weeks). So we're staying at an airport hotel Saturday night, then shuttling back to airport Sunday morning to take DME to Pop. What time in the morning do they start running the buses? Will Disney give me a hard time about not having arrived that day? We'd like to get to Pop and over to MK as early as possible. I had thought I'd just give them a flight number that gets in early, but I can't find anything arriving before 9am. I'm still looking. Any advice here?
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    Well, there is a Southwest flight from Ft Myers to Orlando that arrives at 7:45am. It's SWA flight 424.
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    DME is a 24/7 operation. You just need to find a flight that arrives at MCO when you want to leave and let DME have that info. Arriving isnt nearly as important as far as times go as your return to MCO.
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    For future reference - several (or a couple, at least - Kayak and Orbitz) of the online travel search engines/agencies offer the option to search by departure OR arrival time. It may not come up in the original search, but it's on the first results page. Or a results page.
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    Disney bound -- At least as soon as folks with DME reservations get off the first arriving flight and get to the welcoming area.

    Homebound -- Three hours before the earliest flight times of guests with reservations.

    To go to Disney via DME all you need is an advance reservation for roughly the appropriate time on or after the day your resort stay begins, and showing up at the welcoming area then. Airline documents are not inspected unless you have baggage to be delivered directly from airplane to resort.

    If you get to the welcoming area a few hours early or late you are still good to go.

    If different members of the family will be arriving at different times, it is easy to make separate DME reservations (on or after check in day) if you wish to.

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