What shouldn't we do with a 2 1/2 and 1 year old?



We are going in May and my biggest concern is what should we avoid doing with a 2 1/2 and 1 year old. I know we will be back when they are older so I don't mind waiting on some of the things that might not be as much fun for our kids at this age. Tell me what Theme Parks/Attractions you would have avoided at these ages. Thanks for the input. :cool:

At those ages, they are too young for almost anything! JMHO

Stick with MK First and, if they like Disney videos, MGM is good for shows related to them; if a trip to the "Zoo" is desired, AK would be good also but, go early. I understand it gets really hot there. Again, JMHO.
Have a great trip!

When my DS was 10 months old, he spent most of the trip sleeping (he never slept so well as he did at WDW), which meant we spent most of our time walking around pushing a sleeping baby and didn't see as much as we did on previous visits. But you know what, we had a great time anyway!

That said, I wouldn't write off EPCOT too quickly. Last trip DS loved the 360 movies. I loved the look on his face when the horses at the China film came running at him, and then shot behind him. Also, many of the rides in EPCOT are very tame. On Energy I was concerned that it was too loud and tried to cover DS's ears, he promptly pulled my hands away. He also loved the Tapestry of Nations parade.

We are going again in Sept, and DS will be 2 1/2, I anticipate little to no "switching off". That means no Rock N Roller Coaster, or Alien Encounter, etc. We could do that when he was 10 months old because he was either sleeping or was easily amused. Now, at 2, he just wants to GO!
I also meant to mention that I thought DS would love the shows. He hated them! He got so noisy during Country Bear Jamboree we had to leave (I really don't blame him, I thought it was boring, too). He liked anything that moved!

Last January we brought DD's ages 1 and 3 to WDW. DD1 went with the flow and even fell asleep on Pirates of the Carribean...twice. DD3 LOVED rides and characters. she did not like the Haunted Mansion. We spent most of our time at the MK and didn't even attempt EPCOT, mainly due to time constraints. Though we plan to spend time in EPCOT on our November trip.

Plan on spending a great deal of time in Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown. Try to do Toontown one morning right after rope drop...we only waited about 15 minutes to see Mickey and I understand that the wait can get horrendously long.

They enjoyed AK... we like zoos. DD3 was PETRIFIED of the Boneyard playground in Dinoland. There are these things (I think footprints) to step on that produce loud dinosaur roars through these huge speakers. It scared her pants off!

MGM has some really cute attractions. We only spent a couple of hours there because the girls could only sit through so many 20-30 minute shows in a row. On our upcoming trip in November I plan on going to MGM several times in short spurts just to see a couple of things at a time, so they won't get so restless.

Hope this helps. Have a great trip.
We did a land/sea cruise package last September, and my little ones were 2 and almost 4 then. So, concentrating on the 2-y.o., we had lots of fun but we also paced him well with trips back to the room for mid-afternoon naps and pool time.

Attraction-wise, we only spent half days in most parks, with the exception of MK. So, at MGM we did okay on the Great Movie Ride, Muppetvision and the Little Mermaid show. At Epcot, we didn't see much, but we did have an excellent dinner in the cafe/cantina at the entrance to the world showcase just as the millenium pagaent was happening by. We also had great fun at Typhoon Lagoon for an afternoon.

At MK, modes of transportation rule: riding on anything was fun: the railroad, the People Mover or whatever it's called now. He loved the playground in Toontown, which is where he stayed with Mom while his older brother and I rode Goofy's Barnstormer several times in a row. However, he probably had the most fun on the Buzz Lightyear ride, but he wasn't interested in shooting, he was interested in spinning the car around!

All in all, we had fun and the kids did well. On the other hand, I would caution that I seriously doubt a 2-y.o. or younger could take a long day in the heat unless they nap well in a stroller. Ours didn't, so we went back to our resort frequently and got very tired of loading and unloading strollers on buses. I pretended not to notice that we were spending big $$$ per day on park admission for only spending 3 or 4 hours at a time in parks. I had a much more enjoyable vacation that way
Thank-you for al your reply's, from what you all have said I think we will concentrate on MK and AK and if we feel up to it do a short day at Epcot concentrating on the kids stuff. We will only be in that area of FL for 4 days so I think that should about do it with pool time and naps included.

Hi Robbin, I can't call myself the voice of experience, but rather the voice of research! I too, will be going to WDW with my 2 1/2 yr old (next month) and have been lurking on these boards for weeks, compiling info. I've saved a lot of posts about things to do with toddlers this age; if you want, e-mail me at SecretMom2@hotmail.com and I will be happy to share what I've found with you.

Hope you have a great time :)


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(I'm 15 weeks pregnant) but plan on taking our baby when he/she is about 10 to 11 months old which would probably be sometime in September of 2002. We own at DVC at the Boardwalk, but we'll probably try to stay at Wilderness Lodge Villas so we can be close to the Magic Kingdom. I figured we'll just be in the pools and go to the Magic Kingdom for most of the trip. Although someone above mentioned TON at Epcot, I love that parade, and maybe my baby would too. Well I have plenty of time to continue researching this so keep the great suggestions coming!


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I think it depends on the child, their likes and dislikes, and most of all, their general temperment. My kids love MGM, which is a little more open, and a much smaller park. They also liked MK and AK, but second to MGM.

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Ours are older now, but we started them young!

I agree - concentrate on MK or MGM. Mine liked parades and fireworks (although I've heard some fireworks stories making me think mine were different).

They liked anything with a boat (Small World, even Pirates). Honey I shrunk the kids payground in MGM was a bit hit, the water things (Ariels' grotte in MK) a biggy, Mickey's Toontown. Characters can scare them - see if they like it or not before going too close.

I think your plan for plenty of naps, pool time, along with some strolling and shopping is a good plan.

We also found going back at night (when it's cooler and they're rested) much more enjoyable. And then, they slept late the next morning!!!!

Have fun - you're never too young.

Oh, BTW, take TONS of video (I hate carrying my camcorder now, but when they're young they LOVE to watch movies of themselves at WDW over and over and over - this way, they'll 'remember' the trip!)

for our first trip to WDW 2 years ago. All of the above posts are good advice. If you will only be there for 4 days (that's how long our first trip was), I recommend MK for at least 1 day-start with Fantasyland and Toontown. AK is fun for little ones who like animals, and it won't take a full day to tour. As for MGM, unless you plan to baby-swap for rides like ToT, you can see Bear in the BIg Blue House, etc. in about a half day, and then go to Epcot for dinner. Have fun. Pamela


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