What restraunts not to miss?


Aug 28, 2000
Were arriving at the HR Mar1 for 4 nights. Three kids 10.7&4. We have a 3 day pass. Adult dinner the 1st night at Emerils&plan on doing Mythos with the kids. What other restraunts should we not miss? Probably do Confiscos (is that right?) for a character meal. Where else? Looking for any meal. Cheap to more pricey ok. I was thinking of Nascar Cafe (husband&son are big fans)&maybe NBA. Would the kids enjoy these places? How is the food at the HR restraunts? This is a first for us&were very excited. Any recomendations from those that have been? Thanks.
The character meal at Confisco Grille is lunchtime. Don't miss it!

The food at the HRH restuarants is very good. The Pal Restaurant is part of the steakhouse chain. Very expensive but if you're a steak lover....

The Sunset Grill is the only other full-fledged restaurant at HRH. (The poolside Beach Club uses the Sunset Grill kitchen.) The food at Sunset Grill is VERY good, with the menu getting more adventuresome as the day wears on. The dinner menu might not be to the taste of finicky kids, however.

NASCAR Cafe will be a winner, especially if they are fans. NBA has great food and a fun atmosphere. Big screens showing basketball clips. But loud. Try the cinnamon berries dessert; if they are doing it right (they weren't the last time I visited) it's a real winner.

I think the cost/value equation at Pat O'Brien's is the best in CityWalk. Super coconut shrimp, very good jambalaya.

The food at Latin Quarter is also very good, large portions and creative presentations. The Crepas Rellanas dessert is FABULOUS!! LQ is fairly expensive and they add an automatic 17% gratuity. But they do have a very inexpensive kids menu.

If mom and dad want to get away for a romantic evening without the kids, I'd suggest Delfino Riviera. Very expensive but worth it for a special evening. Ask to have dessert served on the terrace.0

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal"‡
Where is Delfino Riviera? Sorry but dont think I've heard of it. Do you know what characters are at the lunch at Cofiscos? Thanks, Brenda
There has also been a lot of talk on the board about Mythos. Do a search and you will find it. I've allready booked it.
Delfino Riviera is at the Portifino.

Confisco's character lunch from 12-2P. We saw woody woodpecker, spiderman, beetle bailey, gypsy woman, adventurer guy, dudley doo right.

Others have seen The Grinch, Cat in the Hat, Dr Doom, Olive Oyle...and others! We enjoyed it a lot.

Now I'm even more excited! As for reservations for Mythos&Confisco Grille do I need them for lunch? I was thinking of making them when we check in or get the HR to do it. (if they do that) Also 1 more question please. Are there any character breakfasts?
When we were there in Sept 99 we had breakfast at Circus McGurkgus. It was AMAZING. I don't know if they still have it. There was Cat in the Hat the Grinch and Thing 1 and Thing 2. There was no one there so my daughter got the royal treatment. It was really great.

We had a great time at the Confisco's character lunch. We saw everyone of the characters that Jessica lists above at one lunch. There was a lot of interaction and we were able to take lots of great pictures.

We ate at NASCAR the week they opened in Jan 99 and really enjoyed it. As I recall they had a good old-fashioned chocolate milkshake.

Have fun!

Donna R.


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