What kind of Verandah???


Feb 19, 2002
After reading the post about the verandahs, I have a question.
In February we cruised and had a cabin with a verandah that had a great unobstructed view. Since we are only three going this time instead of five we booked a category six. It is cabin 6625. I am hoping it has the same type of verandah. What other kinds are there? Anyone stayed in this cabin? Thanks! I want to change before our 9/28 cruise if it isn't a see through one.:p
Thanks, thanks, thanks , thanks, thanks,:p :p :p


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Nov 22, 1999
If you'd like to compare several types of verandahs (regular, metal aft, and navigators), I have photos of them all on my website at www.castawayclub.com. I know that most people like the regular ones, but I am a big fan of the aft metal verandahs (specifically 5650, as it is a larger verandah and there is only a neighbor on one side). Hopefully the photos will help you to see the difference. The outside staterooms are all even-numbered.
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Oct 8, 2001
6624 should have a standard (plexiglass shield) verandah. If you look at the deck plans, anything aft of the category 7 rooms will have the solid metal verandah railings. Barb's site does have good pictures of each, and is definitely the best way to see the difference between the different types.

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