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  1. Dznypal

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    Mar 29, 2001
    when we were on the Dream last Feb we were right in the front 7006 corner room

    huge room but not the greatest window but I know this was one of the rooms that was downgraded it was 9A

    room next to us 7008 was also a 9A room yet they had a huge window

    and was next to the 8C rooms that looked like they were the same as far as size and window

    we are going again in Aug and were trying the 8C GTY

    does anyone know what the difference is between 7006 9A(at least it was when we went last yr) and 7008 also 9A and the 8C

    also how are the 8c rooms

    thanks----- so excited to be going again
  2. PrincessShmoo

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    Feb 12, 2009

    Location, location, location.


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