What is pin trading??

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by becca74, Sep 22, 2008.

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    We are going to WDW for the 1st time and I have been reading ALOT on these boards to get ready... what is pin trading? I have read it a few times and am not sure how it works.
    Also, the penny presses.. are there alot of them? How many quarters does it take to press 1 penny? How many pennies should we bring?
    I also heard that there are books you can buy to put them in... are they expensive?? Is this something that my older kids would like to do as well?

    Thanks in advance....

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    Pin trading is where you can trade pins (usually with CMs, but also with guests if they want to). CMs wear lanyards to trade with guests. The only rules are that CMs with green lanyards can only trade with kids, and only Disney pins are tradeable.

    For pressed pennies, it takes 2 quarters to make a penny. And they do sell special books to put them in.
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    Pin trading is a ton of fun. BUT it is an addictive and expensive habit. I think we might need a 12 step program for addicts. I panic when I have less than 25 pins on hand. Which reminds me it's time to buy a bag of 50 pins at mousepinsonline.com. Denial is the first stage of illness.

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