What is Emerald Isle rate for Jan 27th


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Aug 20, 1999
I'm not a member so I can't find EI rates. Could someone tell me the discounted car rate for the week starting Jan 27th. If it's low enough I'll join. Thanks.....spruce

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I'm not sure about that week, but I just reserved an intermediate car for the week of 1/20 - 1/27 for $125.25. This amount includes all taxes and fees (which add almost an additional 25% to the base price of the rental). I think this is a great price.

Why not join anyway? If you go to www.biztravel.com, click on "specials" then "cars" you can join for free.
or if you have DC (Disney CLub) you can also get it fee waived....

here is a sample of intermediate for jan 27 - feb 3 with EA discount (which only seems to be 10% now)

Car Class: Intermediate 2/4 Door Car Auto A/C

Pick-up Location:
Orlando Intl Arpt
Pick-up Time: 27-JANUARY-2001 09:00 AM

Return Location:
Orlando Intl Arpt
Return Time: 03-FEBRUARY-2001 09:00 AM

Rates - Time & Distance USD
Time & Distance 1 Week @ 186.64 186.64
Extra - Time & Distance 0 Day @ 26.67 0.00
Extra - Time & Distance 0 Hour @ 13.33 0.00
Unlimited Distance-time & Distance 0 Distance @ 0.00 0.00

Base Rate ___________

Less Discounts:
Discount -18.66

SubTotal ___________

Add Surcharges & Taxes: (subject to change)
Concession Fee Recov Chrg 9.8 Pct 16.46
Fla License Fee .40 Usd/day 2.80
Fl Schrg/tire&bat Fee 2.05 Usd/dy 14.35
State Tax (6.0%) 12.10

Total Estimate ___________

hope this helps

base rate for compact was $181.21

final total $207.99

so not much difference

Economy was base rate $168.31

Final total...$194.49

Ecomony can be a sunfire with National

we had one this past summer in atlanta...not a bad car for two people
I am an EI member and have been trying to get a good rate for 1/27 - 2/3 and have had no luck. The lowest rate received so far has been $280 for an intermediate. I have even tried bidding on priceline and have been rejected each time.

I am staying on site so if a car doesn't come through it will not be so bad.

Will post if I am successful.

I've been trying to get a better rate for Jan. 30-Feb. 7. The best I could do was a full size for $213. (EA with Ent. coupon) DH seems to think that because most of the car companys will be making a mint off of the superbowl, they probably won't be lowering prices much more. I guess a lot of people may be flying into Orlando instead of Tampa. I'm still going to keep checking though!! :D

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Here's my advice.... check EVERYDAY with National as there rates seem to change every day. In the past 4 weeks of searching for the best EA rate, I have gone from about $420.00 (my original internet quote) to today's rate of $230.00 (everything included)..... I'm renting from 1/24-2/3.

good luck and keep trying
some one mentioned they found this code on the national car website under specials to go...

it is a code you place in the "product rate code" blank.....it was suppost to give a rate for a full size of 189$ but when i put my dates in ...it came back at a base rate of 179$ for mid/standard/full (tried all three)

without the emerald aisle discount the base rate is 179$ (no taxes or surcharges) 226.50 (tax in)

when use the emerald club discount the rate drops to a base of $152 final total of 195$ + (tax in)

that is for intermediate but the others seem to be the same last time i checked....

the code he said to use was NHOL

go to www.biztravel.com, then specials, then cars, join and then do your own legwork. It is free to join. We are not paid to do this, and some of get really insulted when you expect us to do your work.


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