What is average price for drinks on Disney Dream?

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    Hi Everyone!

    First time DCL. I hear there are drink specials at certain time. I have also heard it was worth buying the one time souvenir glass for cocktails because when you get refills, you get more. I’m trying to budget all extra cost in the cruise. DH and I aren’t big drinkers but we do enjoy them on vacation.

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    Sep 24, 2006
    Most alcoholic beverages run between $6 and $11, craft cocktail can be higher. There is a daily drink of the day, it’s usually something sort of tropical and fruity, it’s $5.50 with the automatic gratuity. Sometimes in the morning around the adult pool area they have mimosas and bloody Mary’s for $4. Sometimes in the afternoon on the Serenity Bay at CC, they offer two for one drinks. If you enjoy wine, try the sommelier's bin. Often they have very nice offerings there for very reasonable prices.
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    You can buy a 15.00 22 oz DCL beer mug then keep refilling it for an average of 6.50-8.00 depending on the beer. The best part about it is when you are finish your beer you give it to the bartender and ask for a token. They will give you a credit card sized card to take with you rather than have to carry the mug around. IT is quite heavy. Then when you are ready for your next beer swap the token for a clean fresh beer mug.
    At the end of your trip, you choose whether to take the token home or the mug. I have used the same token cards over 13 cruises and never had to buy another mug. They will let you use them over and over again. Best bargain on the ship if you are a beer drinker. There is always a beer token in my lanyard!!

    Have fun!
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