What d'ya think of this contract??


Feb 18, 2000
There is a Vero Beach contract with an April use year of 210 points. All 2001 points have been banked plus all 2002 points will be available for 420 points on 4/1/02. They are asking $62/pt. ($13020) plus closing costs of $475 and 2002 dues of $875; bringing the total to $14345.

Disney's Magical Beginnings are $13/point bringing their cost/point to $62 as well. But we would have to sell back all 210 points and only have 210 on 4/1/03, instead of the 420 on 4/1/02 + 210 on 4/1/03. This use year is the same as my OKW contract through Disney. One other thing to consider is that financing with the resale would be only 5 years instead of me dragging it out to 10. Also, if I were to go through Disney, I would have to wait until April of this year before I could use MB.

So.......any opinons?
Well, hopefully I just got a good deal......

If the financing goes through ok then I just bought those 210 points for $61/point. (Tried $60 and they counter offered at $61. I wanted it so I took it!:) ) Now how long until closing and what else comes next with a resale????

I know that Shontell will be overnighting the contracts to me and that I am supposed to fax the credit app on Monday with the DP. What happens next???? Another waiting game!!!!:)
Congratulations, Friskykitten!

We just purchased some Vero pts this past July - but not near that many - to complement our OKW contract. Wanna get that beach cottage!

Sounds like a good price to me - ESPECIALLY with the announcement of the upcoming price increase!

See you at the beach!
Thanks Beth!! This is an addition to our 170 OKW points!! Now I only need 180 more OKW points or BWV or BCV to make it all complete. Or maybe I need an additional 200-250???:D Either way this is a good start and once I pay this off I can consider more points. It is addictive isn't it???

I LIKE the deal...........these people clearly want to get OUT of their VERO points..........to your benefit. :)

As for adding MORE points down the road, don't forget that the initial cash outlay for points is MUCH less than the cumulative amount which we all pay in DUES over 40 years.

Good Luck,
Congratulations! Sounds like you got an extra years points for closing costs!:cool:
It looks like you got a very good deal. We added on also at VB this past Dec. to go with our OKW pts. We would like to add on 1 more time, either at VB or re-sale at OKW.:D
Ask Shontell about the expedite fee - I think it's $35 -45. We did that this summer (when we bought from Shontell) and everything was done from start to finish in 3 weeks. This includeed some slight delays from seller. Congratulations on your purchase!
Thank you!! The purchase would just not be the same without the approval or my fellow DVC pals!!:D Now I feel like I really accomplished something.

Colleen--you mentioned the expedite fee. Three weeks; did that include you getting into Disney's system and being able to use your new points or just the sale/closing part?? I have heard that the closing may be fairly quick but when Disney get's the information and puts you and your contract in their system may not be quick. I remember seeing some posts where their closing (without expediting it) was done in 4 weeks. But I don't know if that included being in Disney's system. If it did then I won't worry about it but if not.......I might consider dishing out another wad of cash...;) Thanks for the idea!

EROS--You had to bring up the yearly dues for the next 40 years didn't you!! With the points I would like to glutton myself with I would spend about $2500/yr. And that is not including inflation!!:(

ncligs--Looks like you could fall into the same yearly dues as we could if we do add on more..........Our income should increase as we get older BUT!!! What if we retire and can't afford the yearly dues anymore??? I see a big black hole trying to suck me in.......more points, more points, more points.......

Diane--I have already made ressies with my 2002 OKW points. Now I am hoping I can go back and have them use the VB 2001 banked points instead. Otherwise I could loose them or have to rent them........or plan another vacation this year:D

Thanks for sharing in my thrill of adding on points!! I got my application and contract agreement today in the overnight mail. You know what I am going to do today!!!:bounce:
I can't remember if I made ressies the day of closing or very shortly thereafter. I do remember calling DVC and saying "I'm not sure if we're in the system yet because we just closed..." and they checked and said we were in. Shontell had told me that she would talk to her contact at DVC to see if they could get us in the system ASAP since the contract we bought had points that were expiring and we had to use or lose. Luckily we were in the system so we used them!!:D Not sure if we got in faster because of her contact or if they were just having a slow week and weren't too busy at DVC. GOod luck.
You mention the April use year, but if you are buying 150 or more points you can have another use year. It is likely that you can still get an Aug or Sep use year to use for the MB- then you would get another 210 next Aug (instead of waiting until April 2003).

With the $13 per point (I'm not sure if they apply it towards all 210 or still have the $2000 max), you could still come out ahead of the resale- with no closing costs.

Just something to consider should the resale not work out for you. If you were doing an add-on of fewer than 150 points- your assumptions would be correct, but with the number of points involved, you are not limited to the April use year.

Good Luck!
Hi Doc! Great to hear from you!

Actually, I have been talking to my guide quite a bit and he told me that was a possibility but that Disney prefered to keep you in the same use year. It was easier for all involved to keep the same use year. I know several owners have different use years but I have to admit I do like keeping it the same. It's not really a big deal but still kinda nice!!:)

I do plan to add on more OKW points through Disney (or a resale whichever is more attractive at the time) when we get the other contract paid off. We are a family of six and can certainly use the room more points provide.

Anyway, to address the point you made. Those ideas were certainly discussed with my DVC guide but he convinced me it wasn't the best option. I am not saying he steered me wrong or anything. Because what we had originally been talking about was OKW points but even with VB points he did say that I would have to wait until April to use MB. Maybe I just understood him wrong.

Doesn't matter........I am thrilled with my soon to be new contract and really didn't want to sell back my points for the MB program!!:bounce:
with VB points he did say that I would have to wait until April to use MB.

It is too close to the end of the April use year to use MB for a purchase, but with 210 points MB would still be available with another use year.

I have 4 different use years and don't find it too much to track. DVC will certainly allow more than one use year- especially with a new contract like you are looking at.

Bottom line, is that if you're happy with the purchase, it's a good deal. I just wanted to make sure you understood that MB could be available for a new VB purchase- you are NOT restricted to the April use year as your only option. If that's the use year you want, then MB is not available until April 1, as you were advised.

I don't see that the deals are really comparable.

The resale provides 420 points as of 4-1-02 for $62/point (+ closing charges).

Using MB with an August Use year, Frisky would also be paying $62/point but would receive only 210 points in August '02.

I'd stick with the RESALE.

Congradulations. I went with a resale threw Shontell in 1998. In 1999, I added more points.
The resale went faster than the add-on threw Disney. My sales rep at Disney did maike a few mistakes on my contract (Bwv instead of Vero). Signing by the Mickeys/palm trees was funner though.

I have gotten some terrible news. The tammac financing was denied for us. The first time we have ever been denied credit!!:(

My husband and I were going into this as a joint loan and Tammac said that my dh has insufficient credit history!! WHAT?? Since when? So we will be ordering his credit report and see why it would be claimed as insufficient. We have totally lost that beautiful contract!!

BUT!!! On the other hand I just got great news from my DVC rep!! :D He said that I can use MB for VB because of all the trouble I have been having getting the points I want when I want them!! So I will have 200 VB points added onto our original contract of 170 OKW pts and have the 2002 points available to use tomorrow. He sees no reason why Disney would turn down our financing since they accepted it just 16 months before. Nothing has changed except our income has gone up!! Even our other payments have gone down since then. So, here we are crossing our fingers that everything does go right!! :eek:

We should get our Disney package in 3-5 days. Here's hoping!!

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