What do you think about this "theory" (totally guessing, no evidence)


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 1999
Okay, we have Rocket Rods finally closed down at DL. That was a ride that took over the space that once held *two* rides: a circlevision ride, and the people mover.

Just before the announcement of RR closing, there's an announcement for closing of another favorite-to-some at WDW -- Timekeeper. The timings of the announcements are within a month of each other.

Well, with Rocket Rods now closed, that opens up space for another circlevision attraction. It wouldn't take much to convert that queue back to an attraction. And if the story of Timekeeper closing is true, it wouldn't take much to just 'port that attraction over to DL. DL is in desparate need of a new attraction in tomorrowland...

What do you think.... could it happen?

(I've read *no* annoucnements of this sort whatsoever, this is totally and completely pure conjecture at this point) :jester:
Interesting theory, Rajah, but I personally hope not! Timekeeper is not one of my favorites. :rolleyes:

I'm hoping, but not very optimistic at this point due to Disney cost-cutting, that they'll come up with something NEW and not recycled to add...
It's not my favorite, either, but it's better than having an area stand empty, IMHO... :jester:
It certainly could happen, and I think it would be a good "stop gap" measure. But I would be majorly dissapointed if it bumped Buzz from the picture.
Truthfully I don't think Disney will ever open another 360 Circlevision again. Also Cast members have said that Timekeeper is closing only for a major rehab. New Projectors new A/C new signs new everything. I think Disney would have to create a whole new ride to get the publics attention. If they were to convert it back to a circlevision there is no queue for the track where rocket rods used to be
Instead of Buzz how about Woody? Woody's cowboy Spining Shootout. The attraction could be like Andy's room and you can shoot the Mr Potato Head symbols to resuce Little Bo Peep and her sheep. The vehicles could be RC and If you shoot enough enemies Weezie could come out at the end and sing you a song. That way Disneyland could avoid being a carbon copy of the MK yet still have a simialer shootout type ride like Buzz in DL.


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