what do you all cover?

Discussion in 'Scrapbooking' started by momandseandodisney, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. momandseandodisney

    momandseandodisney DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2005
    what do you all cover in your disney scrap book. looking for ideas, pre planning for my sept 2006 trip, in the process of writing down the pages I want to do . . . .
  2. mrp4352

    mrp4352 DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 2002
    Sorry, but I'm not much help. I've found I work better having the pictures in front of me, then letting them suggest the pages. I do generally have a food page, a character page, a couple of resort pages and fireworks pages.

    Good luck!
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  4. MissBubbles

    MissBubbles <font color=blue>I need: <font color=brown>chocola

    Sep 19, 2005
    Rides, character photos, picture of all the group in front of the park icons (MK-Castle/AK-Tree of Life/MGM-Sorcerer's Hat/Epcot-Spaceship Earth -- note: these are usually on the first page of each park section), eating (and photos of food), parades, funny photos (usually staged -- going into shops and trying on hats especially).

    I normally make my book up chronologically - Day 1 (when we leave -- either by plane or car), then each park in order (once again, with a group photo in front of each park icon to start off the group) and what we did in the park(s), our hotel room, pool, trip home. I pick up any freebies I can at the parks (napkins, popcorn boxes, stickers -- ask cashiers in the shops for these, swizzle sticks, etc.), buy postcards, get autographs from characters, etc.
  5. Twigs

    Twigs DIS Veteran

    Jun 4, 2003
    I don't pre plan what picutres I am going to take. But I have been taking pictures of the garbage cans all around WDW. This trip I am going to try to get the ones I have missed so I can do a Garbage Cans of WDW LO.
  6. momandseandodisney

    momandseandodisney DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2005
    see I was hoping to plan ahead so this time I dont get home and say darn, I dont have a pic of this!

    The few I have planned

    Room/hotel/hotel pool pics (prbably need 2 pages here)

    1 page for each park a "title page" if you will

    I was also thinking of a page per country in Epcot

    Some rides pages, kil. safaris could tkae up an entire page, as could something like the jungle book

    any other ideas?
  7. phantom728

    phantom728 DIS Veteran

    Jan 11, 2006
    I'm similar to MissBubbles, where I do my books chronologically. I can't preplan my books either because I'm a picture-taking-fiend, as my DH and DD would say.
    On any week long vacation, I can take easily 1000 pictures, so I snap pictures of everything. I don't scrap all the ones that I take, but choose the best/funny ones and make my pages from those. It gives me a way to relive the trips once they are over.

    When I know I'm going on a vacation, then I tend to start purchasing some of the supplies themed towards that vacation, so I'm not having to shell out all the money at once when we return.

    My WDW book that I scrapped a few years ago was one of the most fun ones that I did. I took me a year to complete, so I had lots of memories to relive :)

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  8. Honeybehr1

    Honeybehr1 Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>Hey I was a newlywe

    May 30, 2005
    I cant preplan my pages either. But I try and get a pic of the sign going in so that I can do that on my first page. This past trip, I got pictures of the boys waking up in the morning and how the week progressed LOL they were not so full of energy by the end of the week (at least first thing in the AM)
  9. renessa

    renessa <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Jun 18, 2001
    I have a smallish list starting for our trip in Dec 07...we have no pictures of Future World at night, no close-ups of the Tree of Life, no picture of the mickey head or current hedge design at the Magic Kingdom. Oh, and no restaurant/food pics for all that dining plan fun!!! :rotfl2: These are all pictures we didn't take in 2005...and I am realizing as I scrap.

    Definately get pics with each of the four park icons, family with castle, family with tree, family with hat, family with epcot ball....those are always great pics... :woohoo:
  10. bleeps

    bleeps DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2003
    My first page is always a timeline (showing which parks, which restaurants, for each day) and a "cast of characters" (photos of me, DH, DS, our birthdates and our ages for that trip).

    Second page is always my "planning page" -- all the stuff leading up, park tickets, etc.

    From there, I do not scrap chronologically, b/c I like to make character pages, dining pages, hotel pages, swimming pages, etc. -- I like to think more about capturing the essence of our experiences rather than adhering strictly to what happened each day.

    One of my favorites is being on the lookout for special moments -- like the radiant smile on DS' face as he stepped up to the measuring tool in front of Primeval Whirl, knowing he was FINALLY tall enough to ride! Or a nice close-up of him trying desperately to pull the sword from the stone in MK. Personally, I think that it can be fine to have a general idea of themes or specific photo ops, it's important to go with the flow and to be ready to catch the moments that are meaningful to your family especially -- that's what makes your scarpbook special!
  11. rileysmommy

    rileysmommy <font color=deeppink>My husband ended my debate by

    Sep 29, 2004
    I didn't preplan my layouts before we went but when I came home and sorted through all of my pictures and took what I wanted from my mom's pictures here are the layouts I came up with for our Disney album.

    1 page-title page
    2 pages-our hotel
    2 pages-Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice session (they were at Wide World of Sports Complex for pre-season training and my dh's favorite team)
    2 pages- Animal Kingdom
    1 page- various animal in Animal Kingdom
    1 page- Family Fun sponsored kid stops
    2 pages- Harambe village
    2 pages- Festival of the Lion King show
    2 pages- Kilmanjaro Safari ride
    2 pages- Magic Kingdom
    1 page- Dumbo ride
    1 page- Haunted Mansion ride
    1 page- Jungle Cruise
    1 page- various other attractions
    2 pages- Pirates of the Carribbean
    2 pages- Pooh ride
    2 pages- Small World
    2 pages- Typhoon Lagoon
    2 pages- Typhoon Lagoon (yes, I did 2 spreads about this)
    2 pages- MGM studios
    2 pages- Backlot tour
    1 page- Muppets 3-D
    1 page- Toy Story
    1 page- Epcot
    1 page- The Land
    2 pages- Journey Into Imagination
    2 pages- The Living Seas
    2 pages- Chef Mickey's
    1 page- other places we ate at
    1 page- different modes of transportation (monorail, ferry, etc)
    1 page- hats (I have pictures of my dd trying on all the different hats in a gift shop)
    1 page- pin trading (we really got into this)
    1 page- a closing page (I have a great photo of all of us)

    All told my scrapbook is 50 pages with 25 page protectors and is 12x12 in size. I got the album in Downtown Disney. We had 10 people total on the trip and yes, I took the camera everywhere and took pictures of everything. So did my mom and my sister. We are like the press with all the photos we take. Hope this gives you some ideas of what to pages to think about and what photos you might want to take.
  12. we3disneygo

    we3disneygo DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2004
    :teeth: :thumbsup2 I'm pre-planning for a Sept. trip also! I am getting stickers for each country in Epcot, and am going to Hobby Lobby when stickers are 1/2 off and stocking up on all the disney stuff I can..... :teeth: I think I will buy some albums while on vacation. :rolleyes1 :wave2:
  13. momandseandodisney

    momandseandodisney DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2005

    GREAT - thanks for the awsome ideas!
  14. Webbie

    Webbie Mouseketeer

    Apr 7, 2004
    To the OP, I think you are on the right track. My only suggestion would be to plan what you want to take pictures of and not limit yourself to how many pictures you take of said subject or how many pages of said subject you want to make before you go. That part I would "wing". :thumbsup2

    I know this trip I plan on taking more resort pictures. I get home and wish I had taken one of the inside of the room. Also, I plan on taking a picture of each rides' entrance sign to use as a heading for my page.

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