What do I need to start scrapping my Disneymoon?

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by tinkerrn, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. tinkerrn

    tinkerrn Needing 'pixie dust'!!

    Mar 11, 2005
    Never scrapped before, so I am a little nervous and overwhelmed. That is an understatement! I have collected and saved everything from our honeymoon; from tickets, fast passes, maps, swizel sticks from drinks, room service menues, postcards, recipets, you name it.....I have it. In fact I have 3 huge drawers filled with stuff. I even collected stuff from our wedding at the Ritz; took the drawer liners, they were white with the logo on it. I am just not sure where to even start and what to buy! I have tons of pics!
    I have 2 mickey punches and a few mickey stamps. I am guessing that I need an album, what size????? Then comes the paper...I pick out which goes best w/ pics and stuff...right??? Then comes the biggie~~~~what do I use to attatch everything together? I am going to be safe and not use Elmers for this project ;) . Is there any type of glue/tape I need. Also, what is this sizzit and brazzil stuff. Not up with the lingo here. I went over to twopeasinabucket.com and got a few good ideas. But, I need some basics here!!! Can anyone please help me?????

    aka Desperate Newlywed and needing to Scrap
  2. New England Eeyore

    New England Eeyore <font color=purple>Bradley Whitford and Rob Lowe a

    Dec 20, 2004
    First - congratulations on your wedding! And welcome to the wonderful world of scrapbooking!

    I feel a kinship to you - the very first scrapbook I ever made was for the WDW trip my now-husband and I took in 2000. That trip was 14 days long and our real honeymoon 2 years later was only 4 days long so I have a deep affection for that first trip. Shh - don't tell, but I made that first scrapbook using rubber cement in a magnetic photo album - two cardinal sins of scrapbooking! I didn't know anything then!

    As far as what size album to use or what adhesive, etc - it's largely a matter of preference. 12x12 will be easier to find materials for and you will be able to fit more on each page. Ask 10 different people what adhesive they use and you'll get 10 different answers. I use photo mounting squares, but there are lots of options. You just want to make sure it's acid-free and archival safe - no Elmer's, scotch tape or rubber cement!! I don't worry about acid-free for everything (I use lots of 'stuff' like brochures and swizzle sticks, too) but for adhesive it's important.

    Sizzix is a die-cutting machine - I wouldn't worry about that if you're a beginner. Bazzil is a particular brand of paper. Ask us any questions you have - there are lots of us here to help!

    If you haven't done so already, I'd go visit a scrapbooking store or a craft store like AC Moore or Michael's and browse their selections. You'll get a better idea what products are out there and see what you might like.

    Most importantly - have fun! Make this album what you want it to be - not what you think it should be. I made a few "mistakes" with my first album and my technique was much different than it is today, but I still LOVE that album.
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  4. tinkerrn

    tinkerrn Needing 'pixie dust'!!

    Mar 11, 2005
    Thank you so much!! Wow 14 days!!!! I am so jealous!!! What a fun trip!!!
    I love the story about the rubber cement :rotfl2:. I just feel overwhelmed. I have sooo much stuff and not sure where to begin. Do you make your page first then pic the picture or do you do the page around the pictures??? Making sense? Do you do one page at a time? Do you do the backs of the pages? I am a newbie at this!!! Is Bazzil a better quality of paper?
    Any album you recommend or not recommend? So many questions!!!!!
    Ugh!!! I appreciate you answering my questions. :confused3 :confused3
  5. grover

    grover DIS Veteran

    Apr 26, 2000
    congrats on your wedding!!!
    i am still working on my wedding from last year!
    for my profession portraits I am sticking with basic grey as it compliments the photos--this also makes it a bit faster to scrap as you don't have to choose different paper for each photo.
    i make my layout to go with the photo and not the other way around.
    do you have a scrapbook store where you could take a class? that is always so helpful!
    i also recommend using copies of your photos and keep the originals safe somewhere!
    it sounds like you have lots of memorbilia! that is great!
    K and CO have great albums..but so do many other companies!
    Here is a link to some of my wedding lo's on 2 peas.
  6. tinkerrn

    tinkerrn Needing 'pixie dust'!!

    Mar 11, 2005
    I loved the layouts!!! They looked so fancy schmancy....it would take me years to do that!!! But I have a good idea on how to start scrapping! I need to go check out some paper and a scrap book!!!
  7. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Hope you don't mind.... I took a peek at your twopeas pages. THey are GREAT!

    Anyhow, to OP, my first suggestion is to TAKE SOME TIME to figure out what you want this book to look like. First of all, how large.... 12 x 12 or something much smaller like 6 x 6 or something in between lik 8 1/2 x 11. In my opinion, if you have TONS of "things" to use (as you said you did) you would probably be better of with a 12 x 12 format.

    Second suggestion.... figure out what kind of a scrapper you are, in terms of .... are you a chronological or not? Do you want your book to be like a diary, in order with pictures, journaling, and "stuff" in a nice neat date order.... or would you prefer to put all of the pictures together, then all of the journaling, then all of the stuff? Do you plan on mounting your keepsakes (papers, receipts, etc) or using pockets to hold them?

    Buy or borrow a handful of recent scrapping magazines (Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, and Paperkuts are all good). Flip through and figure out what really catches your eye, what looks like "you".

    Perhaps you could attend a few crops at local scrapbooking stores or craft stores, or maybe you could get yourself invited to a Creative Memories party or a Stampin Up party. Those are great places to make "scrapping" friends and to share ideas. (Just watch your wallet!!)

    Finally, I would suggest buying just the basics to start. Paper (plain cardstock and a LITTLE BIT of patterned papered to start), adhesives (tape runners or photo splits are the easiest for a newbie), a good pair of scissors (not the kitchen shears!), a paper trimmer and extra blades (I personally would invest in a 12 x 12, no matter what size album you decide on), album and page protectors (lots of choices there too), a corner rounder, a few colors of AF-LF pens for journaling, maybe a few wedding/honeymoon themed stickers or die cuts, a good steel ruler (plastic bends too much and wood can be cut), a good X-acto type blade, a few sharp pencils and a good eraser. That much should at least get you started.

    Good luck.....................P

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