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Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2001
To all of you that just got back from a great trip to WDW--What's the one thing that you just didn't have time for and regret missing this time around?? :) :)
most of the rides we wanted to do.....but I wish we had eaten at House Of Blues....we were supposed to but never had enough energy to walk over to downtown disney......lol

I know this is going to sound crazy to all of you, but I missed the Animal Kingdom. I know, I know, it does sound crazy, but I got so wrapped up in everything else....that I just forgot. I know, "How can you forget the AK?" Well, it's very simple. I have been for years trying to get down there that when I did I took too much time in the Magic Kingdom and the other ones.

We missed the Lion King Show at AKL. We were exhausted by 4pm - We'd been up since 6:30 and we were just too tired to see it. We're going in back in June. Also, the last three times I was at Epcot they didn't have Spaceship Earth running. I've only seen that once - back in 1984!!! Hopefullly, that will be running in June.

The Land, except for the Garden Grill.
The raining umbrella at MGM.
Aladdin's Magic carpets were not open. (But HoP was. Thumbs up!)
Pin trading seminars
Rushed through AK too much.
Splash Mountain (IT was COLD!! --January)
The Tiki Room
DH rode RnRC 3x, but wanted more. ;)
Relaxing..... :rolleyes:
I still want to attend the Mystery Dinner Theatre at the Grosvenor (sp), but even the next schedule probably won't allow for it. (Only done on Saturday nights.)
The Boardwalk
Getting DH to pull the rope outside of Indy Jones.

And we were there eight days!!!


CSR: 01/01
DL- off site: 05/01
WDW - on site: 01/


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