What are your fears??


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Feb 24, 2002
I just got done telling Norah how scared i am of our new washing and drying machines because they look like spaceships and are EACH as tall as me.

I have other fears like death, and losing family members and such, but those mashing machines are pretty high up there..

What are you scared of??
Clowns and Planes....I'm terrified of both like to no extent and I'm flying in four days. My dad and mom are going to have to drag me on the plane....I'd voluntarily go on if the Hardyz were there lol. And last year, there happened to be a clown on our plane...It was strange but I screamed getting on and the flight people werent too happy...I kno i kno...its bad lol

<3 alwayz

I have a fear of death but that is kinda an everybody thing

but I have a HUGE fear of roaches..they scare me!
and then showers and birds(thanks Hitchock!) like I don't take showers ever ever ever! and with birds...if I see a bunch sitting 2gether I get kinda freaked! lol
knives/stabbings...i dunno why...blood doesn't really scare me, but hearing about people being stabbed or thinking about it really scares me...

Go watch a Lifetime movie. It's likely that the subject of that movie is what I'm afraid of lol
oh I forgot-war and blood

I really HATE all war books and movies...it is scary and sad! :(
and blood is not cool either! :(
I'm scared of everything :rolleyes:

My number one fear is suits of armour :eek:, and then I'm scared of spiders and insects and small animals and crocodiles and heights and the sea and geese and church organs :rolleyes:

I have a fear of planes, death and car accidents. Everytime we go on a plane I get so scared. But the plane rides are never too long then its over. I also have a fear of death but who doesnt? And I have a fear of car accidents I am afraid I am going to get in a really big car accident.
i have fear of heights sort of but i love roller coasters!! lol i mean i LOVE millineum force and wicked twister hehe!!
My biggest fear is never being in love again, never getting married, and having love in a marrage fade out.

I know, weird thoughts for a 17 year old, right?

Those are my future fears. Little things include heights (though I love coasters, go figure!) and clowns...I hate them!
I'm afraid of spiders....they are so gross and I hate them! And i have a serious fear of failure. I've always gotten good grades and i've been a really good clarinet player, so I'm constantly afraid that all of a sudden i'm just gonna stop being good or something. Especially now when school's about to start...I start getting really scared of all the advanced classes I'm gonna take because i'm afraid my brain is going to stop working or something.:rolleyes:
Fire (I am really really scared of this)
Snakes (REALLY dont like these)
getting hurt again

And so many more that I cannot think of right now.
I hate gas fires,like if an lp tank explodes or a tank truck carring it.( one tipped over yesterday and killed a couple people.):(
In case any of you are wondering... my clothes were prefectly fine after i washed them. I think i will be able to do this from now on, but i get scared that they are gonna shrink and i wont be able to wear them any more :( ;)
i'm afraid of never being successful, i.e. not enjoying the life that I chose, and never finding that special someone to share the rest of my life with.

I used to be scared of ax murderers crawling in through my window, but that was at least a few weeks ago.
This moring I was TERRIFIED of middle school, but I'm over that now ;) ;) . My normal fears are escalators,hights, storms, airplanes, and being separated from my mom !!!!!
I think i'm afraid of being trapped in an elevotor yeah thats what I'm afraid of


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