What are the times for the "Must See" events at AKL?


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Jun 24, 2000
I think I remember the "Must See" events as the Lodge tour, when they feed the animals and the storytelling. Are these the only ones and what times do they occur?:)
The Lodge tour is every day at 3:30. It is a bit different than the Wilderness Lodge tour as they focus on the art in the AKL lobby, rather than the construction of the resort. (A sidenote...AKL has a museum designation because you will find art throughout the resort, not just in the lobby.)

Storytelling was every night at 7:30 at the firepit outside the lobby doors that lead to the Arusha Rock Savannah. The time for this may change with the seasons, however, since I believe they want it to be dark outside.

There is also a cultural program every morning at 11:00. We loved these! A CM that works at the Lodge gives a presentation on his/her home country. When we were there we saw presentations on Zimbabwe and South Africa.

There is also a Junior Chef of the Day program at Boma but I am not sure of the details or time for that.

The animals are fed at various times. I know they bring all of the animals on each savannah in during a specific time each day. The times for the 3 savannahs rotate so there are always available somewhere. If I remember correctly the Arusha Rock savannah was in between noon and 3pm with the other two savannahs in from either 1 to 4pm or 2 to 5pm.

Hope this helps.



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