What are my breakfast options?


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Aug 3, 2006
We are staying at the DLH in October. DL won't open until 10am and my kids are up by 7am at the latest. We will be there only one day that isn't early entry (a Wednesday) so where would you go for breakfast aside from a character meal? I plan to do Storytellers on our last day. We could always do that twice. I am not interested in Goofy's as we did it last time and it was great but want to skip the $80 price tag this time.


P.S. We also did Lilo and Stitch last time too. Looking for something different this time.
It depends what you want from a breakfast - on our last visit we opted to pick up a quick breakfast from La Brea a couple of times, and even went to the Rainforest Cafe for Tonga Toast one morning (yum, btw!). A few of the DTD restaurants have breakfast menus:


A handy link for menus, though sometimes a little out of date. Also, don't forget that across the street on Harbor there are a lot of other choices - Denny's, Mimi's, Millie's, McDonald's, etc. All are open early and serve a fairly inexpensive (relatively speaking) breakfast.

Lastly, at the DLH, there will always be the option of room service. It can be pricey, but doesn't have to be - we stayed at the GCH on our last trip, and used room service a couple of times. It was delicious, the portions were perfect, and it really only cost a few bucks more than going out to somewhere in DTD.
Steakhouse 55, at the DLH has breakfast. I've heard its pretty good, but have not tried it myself. There are a few options in DTD, such as LaBrea bakery (express or sitdown), Rainforest, or Ralph B jazz kitchen express. There is also white water snacks in the GCH, if you are looking for something quick and cheap. The food there is good. Offsite, I highly recomend Mimi's for breakfast. Its on harbor near the hojo's. The crab omelet or crab eggs benedict are both wonderful.
Thank you! What great suggestions! I hadn't even thought of Rainforest cafe and some of the others.

Anyone know what time La Brea opens? I remember last November they didn't open until 9am but maybe that was just the "express" side?

Lynn, could you re-post the link to the menu's? The one you posted just brings me back to this thread.

Thank you!! Can't wait to check it out!
We just returned from DLR last night and stayed at DLH. Places in DTD don't open until 8:00, at least in the summer, so this didn't work for us.

Ate breakfast at Steakhouse 55 on Father's Day. DELICIOUS! VERY pricey though. Goofy's Kitchen is at DLH and it was fun. Saw more characters there than at the park. More expensive than Steakhouse 55.

DLH does have a little coffee place where you can get milk, cereal, pasteries, coffee, fruit, etc. We at there most mornings to assure we made to to DL on time.


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