Western Caribbean Excursion Update


Loves being at WDW!
Nov 23, 1999
Thanks 999Ghosts. I wonder when they will mail out to those of us on the 2nd sailing. Let us know if you hear more.

I'm glad to finally hear something about the western Caribbean excursions. Being a fanatic about planning well in advance, this has been torture not knowing what excursions DCL was going to offer.

Our family is going on the July 6th western Caribbean cruise and can't wait to see what excursions are offered.

I trust all our DIS friends going on the maiden western Caribbean cruise in May will be posting FULL details on the excursions.

Thanks for the info!
Can not wait to get this info. We as well are going crazy here trying to work out this stuff on our own, especially Cozumel. DCL hurry!
Does anyone know how long the ship will be in each port? Arrival and departure times. I can't find anything except something about getting into Key West at noon.

Thanks in advance.
Tina :-)
Magic (Western) 1/18/03


For the 11 May 02 Western the confirmation sheet shows the following:
Depart Port Canaveral 5PM
Key West 12:30 PM - 10 PM
Sea Day
Grand Cayman 7:30AM - 5:45 PM
Cozumel 10:30Am - 11:00 PM
Sea Day
Castaway Cay 9Am - 5PM
Port Canaveral 8:30 AM

Of course all subject to change :p
WOW!!!, that was a fast response. The cruise is a long way off for us, but we just got back from a 3-day Wonder and needed some cheering up. We booked the 1/18/03 Magic (Western) thru DU just yesterday. I can't wait for all your trip reports.

Thank You!
OK, since some of your are well into your planning, you might be able to help me with this one. Which Atlantis Submarine Tour to take. The one in Grand Cayman to the famous Cayman Wall Reefs or the one in Cozumel to Chankannaab (second largest reef in the world). Which raises the question, what is the first largest?

Thanks in advance.
Magic (Western) 1/18/03

Tina, You would have to go a looonnnnggggway to get to the largest reef. It is the "Great Barrier Reef" in Austraila(sp?).

I can't wait for the excustions to be posted!Even though our cruise isn't until Sept. I love the planning almost as much as the cruise!
I guess the second largest barrier reef in Cozumel will have to do unless the Grand Cayman Wall reefs are better which I doubt.

PS: I love the planning, too. Hubby is more of we'll figure it out when we get there. Too stressful!

I guess that best way to answer your question over which submarine tour to take is to determine if there is anything else you want to do at one of those two islands.

For example, our family is looking forward to taking the tour of the ancient ruins/pyramids of the Incans (I think it's them). That's at Cozumel. Therefore, if we want to do the submarine tour, it would have to be at the Cayman Islands.

Your best bet is to wait until the list of excursions are released by DCL and then decide. You may find something else you'd prefer to do besides the sub tour.

Good Luck!:smooth:
I just got off of the Magic on 1/26 and on the tv, they had some promo shots of the Western Cruise and the proposed excursions:

From memory, they showed:

Key West -
see where Earnest Hemingway walked and lived
a Kayak excursion

Mayan Ruins, looked like Tulum

Submarine - looked more like the See and Sea in St Maarten and not a full submarine. It's more like a boat with a deck and when you get to the reef, you go below the deck for a short period and view the reef thru glass panels, then return to the deck.

Grand Cayman
horse drawn carriage tour
Swim with the Stingrays
Atlantis Submarine


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