We're BACK!!


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Apr 29, 2001
Yes!! Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief that the boards are back up? ;)
We have a new server and we are up and running strong. We did have to lose a few days worth of posts to get it running but it's a small sacrifice to pay to get the boards going again!

One of the things that came from having no DIS discussion board is that -- all us pin-aholics learned what DDTs are. Sp we have now coined another everyday phrase into our co-dependent little world on pin trading, DIS Desperate Traders (DDTs) LOL
okay guys.. I bugged out of chat last night about 11:45 - how long did you die hards last?

Those poor people in general chat never knew what hit them! Who would have thought we would have at times 14 traders going through the DDT's ;)

I'd say about another 15-20 minutes Lauri.

We even had some of them talking pins!

BTW those of you that were also having major withdrawals (and even those whose withdrawals were not so bad) come joins us for Pin Chat tonight 9:00 in the main chat room.
DIS chat we met up again on AIM chat LOL. Lots to catch up on
OH, thank goodness!!! My DT's are gone! what a relief!!

Welcome back everyone!

Boy, I think I started to have withdrawl symptoms....:D
I sure am glad to see you are back up and running.
So, while the DIS was down, was everyone else posting at Larry's site? Now the DIS is back up, Larry's site is down? I smell conspiracy! (Kidding...)

Glad to be back.

Dar :bounce:
Hey, no one bothered to e-mail me that there was pin chat last night!! I was on most of the night and I would have been there. I guess I will have to settle for tonight.
The "meet/chat" was kind of impromptu. We were trying to talk pins during regular chat and couldn't hear over the noise so we went to room one.

Nat there were some really good pins up for trade too!!
He was so bummed...being out of town, and no board to vent to...He will be a happy campy
when he gets home..

As for me YAHOO!!!!!

What great trades we made last night in our impromptu chat! Who knew that you could get a Mickey for President AND a Haunted Mansion Dangle in one night like that!
Well, is everyone present and accounted for? :) Glad to see everyone somehow survived....:):)

you guys really nmake us work for our status don't ya?


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