Well I saw it....


Jun 21, 2000
Well I packed up the family and headed to the cinemas to see Return to Neverland.

Personally I didn't think much of the film. It's something I would have expected to see on the Disney channel. The movie was WAY too short for $8 a head...the story was rushed, and I was squirming a bit in my seat with the amount of time dedicated to the war in the beginning. I'm really wracking my brain to think of any other disney animated film which featured bombings. After seeing the film, I sincerly hope this is not the full time direction the Disney company heads in....although I know better.

I wouldn't see it again, and I doubt it will be a DVD purchase for my family.

Anyone else see it with a counter point? The above is only my opinion so take it for what it's worth...
We went this afternoon and I agree w/ you to a point.
I was VERY grateful that it was not longer. The length was perfect for my 2 YO DD and 5 YO DD. Any longer would have lost them.
The war is an interesting angle. Not sure the point. It went over both of my kids heads. I expected some questions but didn't get any.
My BIG beef? The bubbles in the ocean and them implying it was gas. That is crude and completely out of place in the Peter Pan movie. Maybe in a PG13 Snow Dogs, but Peter Pan?? What were they thinking?


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