We'e flying!! need to do it cheap!


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Jan 3, 2001
ok so we went to visit some friends today. Only a 2 hour drive and not suprisingly decided that under no circumstances do we want to drive to wdw (20+ hrs.) with our three dd's. Believe me we really did talk about it. We know it could be fun and great bonding opportunity but there is plenty of time for that. So, my problem is that airfare was not in the original budget. I have used priceline before but always for other people and usually for only 1 tkt. I need 5. We are not going until Oct. so there is time to save but I'm not sure when to start bidding or even if I can get 5 tickets on the same plane.
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Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Watch the fares on expedia.com to see what they usually go for. Sign up for airlines web fares. I believe there is a limit on how many tickets you can buy at once on priceline so that might be a problem. I've used expedia.com with pretty good success on cheap fares but just purchased some on priceline for a March non-wdw trip. The difference was I had a more flexible schedule so it didn't matter what time of day I traveled. The priceline price for those tickets was more then $50 lower than the lowest published fares I've found for the same route.


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Here's my response to your post on the Priceline bidding forum I administer, although I did not know you need 5 tickets (Priceline allows up to 8). I just don't think Priceline is the way to go here because you can purchase tickets for non-stop flights for $181.50 and choose your travel times. They are wide open for your dates.


I hope zurgswife will see this post, as I'm sure she'll affirm my opinion since her Priceline routing caused her trip to take 9 hours when she could have flown non-stop in less than 3 hours.
Go to the airline web sites of those airlines that you would likely choose from and try to get on an "email specials list" . THis is what I did with Delta and Airtran - about every week they notified me of specials and when the tickets hit a price I thought was good , I grabbed them over the internet. We got Airtran roundtrip 130.00 per ticket for both of our vacations. Although for my second one, the tickets dropped to an unbeliveable 100.00 round trip, this was only a month prior to leaving and they shot back up to $460.00 !!!! round trip right after that , so Don't wait too long. For Oct. you want to buy around Aug. I would think. the email notification is the way to go . Also be checking now to find out what is a good fare and what isn't so you will recognize it when it comes.

I just booked US air from Philadelphia to MCO for around $180 for September (nonstop). DS was 1/2 of that -- he's 1. If the fares go down I can get a voucher for the difference, good for a year.

I'm not sure where in NJ you are. What airport do you want fly out of? I haven't had good luck with waiting. We flew out of Newark in July, with 6 people and could only get sale fares for part of the group. I think we bought in March. October shouldn't be as busy, but it is convention season!

Travelocity lets you search for the cheapest fares by saying your dates are flexible. It brings up a page with all of the fares and then you can see a calendar with the available dates. If you can be flexible you have a better chance of getting the best rates, because sometimes they sell out just certain days.

I check october & found $179.50 ($157 + fees) non-stop on Continental from Newark.

Good luck!

I'd sign up the the traveolcity fare watch and maybe bestfares. I can't remember which one first notified my of the $98 RT fare I got for Hartford to ORlando, but usually when there's a special, some other airlines match; so when I was notified of the special; I thien booked directly with the airline. With all taxes, it was $106 ticket, purchased 1st week of december for feb 6th travel date. Also, when you plug in the fare watch at travelocity, be sure to watch it from 2 or three airports near you, and maybe watch to fares to Tampa, too. With 5 people flying, the savings per ticket multiplies quickly. After you have your airfare, try priceline for car rental. We got a midsize for $11/day. With taxes, fees and extra driver charge they tacked on at the airport, we ended up with a full size for $150 week. Good luck!
and travelsheryl thanks for the info about current rates although it is more than we wanted to spend. Any chance the rates could go down? And if we do reserve a flight at a certain price how flexible are the airlines if the fares go down? I'm afraid to book and then see a better fare. (story of my life)



In all honesty, there is a possibility that fares will go down. If fares go down for your exact flights after you've purchased your tickets, the airlines will issue a credit voucher for the difference, to be used for future travel (up to 1 year) on that airline. If you don't plan to fly again for a year, the credit voucher will have no value to you. Unfortunately, it's just a risk you'll have to take because fares could increase just as easily as they could decrease.
I am from South Jersey, usually fly out of Phila. All of the above are good suggestions; especially signing up to be notified by e-mail for special fares. I am using US Air to WDW ($175 non stop, round trip per person). I booked six months before scheduled trip and really haven't seen any significant difference in price except for those fares advertised with more than one stop. I didn't want that. I also could have flown much cheaper through Spirit Airlines out of Atlantic City International (it's not even in Atlantic City) but decided to stick with US Air. You might want to check them out. (Sorry I don't know where Colonia is in New Jersey) ;)
Hi curlyjbs -- I'm from Woodbridge - originally from Colonia (Bramhall Court) I paid 179 p.p. from Newark last October (non-stop) on Delta. We booked in March and did not have date flexibility. I looked from March to Oct. and there was no fare change. Eat peanut butter and Jelly for two months if you have to just don't drive. I did the run with my parents in 77, 78, 80 and it was a hike. I'm looking to go this October also and am more flexible with dates this time. If I come up with a good fare I'll post it on the boards for you.
I really appreciate it.
I've been doing some looking myself and can't believe how expensive some fares are! :eek:
Have no fear........we will get to Disney some how!
Thanks again! :)


travel sherry... how many times can you go back and ask for a voucher for future travel if the price goes down? do you actually have to go to the air port again? right now i am looking at $6 times 6 tickets. is it worth it?
I believe you can get a voucher each time the fare lowers (no limit). You have to go directly to the airline. In some cities, that would only be at the airport. In larger cities, most airlines have city ticket offices.

Personally, I wouldn't go to the trouble for $6, but if you know you'll be using that airline again within a year and you will not be purchasing your tickets on their website (voucher cannot be redeemed on the website), then go for it.
TravelSheryl said<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I hope zurgswife will see this post, as I'm sure she'll affirm my opinion since her Priceline routing caused her trip to take 9 hours when she could have flown non-stop in less than 3 hours.[/quote]

I do agree!!!!!!!!
I didn't actually fly the route because of the outrageousness of the schedule and the fact that I wouldn't take no for an answer I got out of my tickets.(Don't recommed trying to was awful and very very difficult) Though we did end up flying Delta with an atlanta stop in October 2000 for $144 RT which was the exact same price as priceline. I'm always on the internet checking prices and it just popped up...I took it because I'm familar with the pricing of my Philly route and new it couldn't be beaten.

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Let's do a little math and see how good a decision you are making. 20 hours is about 1200 miles or so. Figure minimum 25 cents a mile to drive (most experts say 30) If you are there a week add another 200 minimum for sightseeing...minimum car expense-$650.00. Hotels down and back...If you really push and suffer... 2 nights at 70 or $140.00..sanity is 4 nights or $280.00. Food for the four day trip....minimum $70.00 a day for 5 of you=$280.00. So with NO unexpected problems you are at $1210.00...Now 200 round trip times 5 is $1000.00..Nice rental car for the week, $190.00 tops (really search for cars, you can book and cancel as much as you want and prices really change daily, Also, get a car in the Orlando airport either Dollar, National, or Budget, it is so much handier)...So we have almost a trade off...good decision, and the kids will love flying and a new rental car. By the way we stayed with our kids and grandkids last time down in a beautiful 3 br 3 bath condo for 595.00 a week direct from the owner at http//www.vrbo.com/vrbo/2375.htm[/URL] It was great...Enjoy, you will love Disney...Ted in Iowa

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We now have a $50 bonus money URL on the board I administer, so if you are still considering Priceline for your family trip, you may be able to get enough savings to warrant a possible inconvenient schedule. If you decide to bid, just update your post on my board, but I ask that you not do so until you are ready to bid. Thanks.
curlyjbs--Travel Sheryl is a bit proponent of using Priceline to save money. She is suggesting you probably won't save enought money to justify the possibility of horrible flight times/connections. I SUGGEST YOU DEFER TO HER JUDGEMENT.
tednvon--I agree I wouldn't want to drive 20 hours but I don't agree with you numbers. Much of the government numbers is depreciation. If you have a leased car, and will go over mileage, you must use your per mile rate plus actual expenses. If you have a dependable car you're keeping a while you really only have to consider actual expenses (gas,tolls,extra motel etc.)
Lewisc, you have clearly made your opinion of Priceline known on these message boards. And you are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, misrepresenting my position, based on my post of 2/20/01 is totally out of line and I think you owe me an apology.

My initial response on this thread was based on the situation at the time of that post when the greatest amount of bonus money offered was $25/ticket. That changed yesterday when I became aware of a $50/ticket bonus money offer.

You seem to have one agenda only and that is that Priceline should never be used. Again, you are entitled to your opinion. Jumping on someone's honest evaluation of the situation to promote your own agenda is misplaced here. There are dozens of very satisfied Priceline users who post to this message board.

curlyjbs has already stated that the published fare is not in her budget. My initial response was based on the fact that the possible savings she could get using Priceline would not warrant the possible inconvenience. With an additional $125 bonus ($25x5 tickets), that's no longer necessarily true. It's her decision.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> I just don't think Priceline is the way to go here because you can purchase tickets for non-stop flights for $181.50 and choose your travel times. They are wide open for your dates. [/quote]
Was what I based my reply on. I didn't see your follow-up post on the bonus or I would have worded my message differently.
However you seem to have me confused with someone else. My message today was only my second message regarding using Priceline for airlines. I don't have an agenda. In fact my most common Priceline post is to refer people to your website. You detailed the problem zurgswife with the routing Priceline gave him. Someone bidding for airlines should be sure when they bid they are saving enough money so that if they loose the first and/or last day of their trip the savings are worth it. Frankly you went over and above when you looked up the fares for
Although it's not for me, people on a budget (with a dependable car) might consider driving. I don't know where you could put the information but I suspect those driving might appreciate having an idea what areas to bid on hotels for the drive down.
Sorry I caused such a disturbance. ;)
I really do appreciate everyones opinions and help. Thank you all for going above and beyond. If a plane ride is in my future....so be it. If not....then we're hittin the highway!
:D :D either way WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!




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