Wednesday Night Chat - A Surprise

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    May 21, 2000
    <font color=green>Think you are up for a game of Keep Away tonight? Think you can be the DIS' top Keep Away player? Then join us tonight on the <b>Sandy Beaches of the Yacht and Beach Club</b> as we play a game of</font>

    <marquee direction="right" align="middle" behavior="alternate"><font size=5>Keep Away...Dis Style!</font></marquee>

    <font color=purple><b>Keep Away Dis Style</b> is a game in which players throw some clipart back and forth to one another with their hands or arms, while one DIS'er in the middle is desperately trying to get his/her clipart back. If the DIS'er in the middle does retrieve his own clipart back, the person who last threw the clipart is now in the middle.</font>

    <font color=orange>It is one of the worldÂ’s most popular team sports. Men, women, boys and girls are able to play this game. Some may feel that it is a game only for tall people, or only for girls. This is not the case for the sport of Keep Away. This is a great game for anyone to play and excel at.</font>

    <font color=light blue>So join your hosts, <b>Marsha, Dee and Beanie</b> this evening on the Sandy Beaches of the <b>Yacht and Beach Club</b> for the <b><i>First Annual DIS Keep Away Game</i></b>! It starts promptly at 9:00 pm in the Main Lobby of Chat and as always Disney questions are encouraged and appreciated! :)</font>

    To join in the fun Click Here!

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