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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by danandjackie, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Trip will be 7th and 8th of November this time for a short visit.. Im presuming its going to be a slow time with no crowds and now I take a look at the schedule Im wondering if two full days is really needed.. No Fantasmic, No Fireworks.. I cant really move to a weekend as we need to fly on to vegas for the airshow that weeked and already have rooms at the signature booked.. Now I have seen Fantasmic plenty of times before though Im still slightly dissapointed I won't get to see it this trip. It always seems a nice finish to the evening. We did Universal last time and Im not rushing to go back as little had changed since the time before so what else is a must see for a short trip in the area...

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    DLR is a minimum 3 day experience (imo). So to answer your question....yes, 2 full days is needed (as opposed to less than that).

    & it's Disneyland....(not MK :)). As in the original. Walt's park.

    Read HydroGuy's sticky threads, especially his DLR for WDW Veterans.

    Have fun. :thumbsup2

    hound - :hippie:
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    Although we have spent single days at DL, and although those were good trips, they were rushed, and we never got a chance to slow down and take it all in.

    Our trip the other week was 6 nights, and we STILL didn't get to see or experience or really take in everything (just found out from here that they sell towels outside of Splash Mountain, which would have been good for my brother and husband to know, when they got drenched from the ride and dripped dry for the next two hours).

    So 2 days is definitely a good idea. I mean, the fireworks actually takes time FROM your trip, b/c you have to get to a spot and things are closed where embers might fall. We actually opted to NOT watch Fantasmic (have never seen it), because we felt that we were better off doing other things (going to sleep). And after some mild disappointment, we were just fine making that decision.

    But again, waiting and watching F takes time away from doing other things.

    Since you don't have those things, you have more time for the other attractions!

    Enjoy your two FULL days!

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