Web sites with reviews of RVs?


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May 31, 2000
Does anyone know of any Web sites that have reviews of RVs? I'm looking for pop-up reviews in particular. DH and I are seriously considering buying a pop-up this Spring, but we don't really know anyone with one. I used to go camping with my best friends family in a pop-up in high school, so I know that I like the general concept, but I don't know anything about the different brands and what to look for. We also can't decide if we want a potty and/or shower, or if we just want the extra space.

I joined rvclub.com to see their reviews, but I wasn't too impressed. There were only a few people who had pop-ups. Maybe there is stuff on that site that I haven't seen yet, but it doesn't look like it's worth $10.

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You might want to try www.iRV2.com they are boards similar to the DIS, people ask questions and others give answers or opinions. You might get some feedback if there is someone out there who has a camper that your interested in. Good Luck. ;)


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There are a lot of free RV sites out there. My favorite is RVAmerica.com. They have a great forum section and they also have an Owner's Reviews section. I just checked over there and there are 129 tent camper reviews!

Coleman and Jayco are generally considered to be the best rated tent campers. I am sure they have floor plans on their websites.

Good luck!
Those are both really great sites! Thank you!

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