We just got the green light for 50 point add on

dan and scott

DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 1999
our guide called yesterday and they found some points for us to buy with our use year. We could buy as many as 150 but choose just 50!

Also she said that prices are going up on June 2nd to $80/point and that the Beach Club will begin presells on Febuary 3rd.

Just thought I'd share

Congratulations Dan and Scott. Welcome home again.

We sure miss you guys from the cruise last year. :)
$80 a point!! Holy cow!! Glad I'm not looking into BCV!!!
I just wish I could talk DH into 75 more VWL points! At this point he runs out of the room if he just sees me looking at the member guidebook!!:D
Robin M.
Dan and Scott.

When you added 50pts, do they costs the same as your old pts, or they priced it at the VWL rate? Does DVC provide discounts on Add-On's?


Add-ons cost the same as the current selling price of points ($75 right now). There's no discount, at least that I've ever heard of. The only way to get add-on points at a lower price would be to buy a resale.

I've also got my name on the waiting list for BWV add-ons, so here's hoping I get lucky like Dan and Scott and the points become available. Congratulations, Dan and Scott! :)
Hi Dan,

Congratulations on the add-on! What is your use year if you don't mind my asking? We have a September use year & have been on the Disney waitlist for points FOREVER!!! So we wait patiently...

Yes we are paying $75 a point--but that will be a bargain when BCV come on-line. When we originally bought in I think we paid $62.50 point or maybe a little cheaper.
Dan knows more about it than I do. I think if we were originally going to buy at the $75 price point that would be the limit on what we'd be willing to pay.



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