We got Covid on a Disney trip


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Mar 17, 2016
Also suspect I had it in January 2020 from marathon weekend. Symptoms three days after I got home. Lost taste/smell for two weeks(like, could not taste AT ALL), bad cough. Had flu shot in October 2019. Took me almost a month before I could run without coughing. I remember at the time sitting on the couch reading reports of people back from marathon weekend saying they came back sick too, some with diagnosed flu, so I assumed it was flu even though I had gotten the flu shot (since it’s not hundred percent.) Now I am thinking it’s definitely a possibility it was COVID. Guess I’ll never know for sure.
We suspect that DH came down with it at the end of Jan/early Feb 2020. It was right after our WDW trip. They weren't doing tests at that time, but it was the classic COVID symptoms.


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Mar 30, 2008
You can be skeptical but they have actual genomic tracking on the virus which points it back to its origin.

Now could you have had a precursor that then mutated in to a more deadly disease in Wuhan area? Maybe who knows but some symptoms of similar nature I don't think is enough to connect the dots.

If what you had was actually an early variant of covid19 they would also likely have an unexplained genomic tree that could not be connected in. Similar to how they can track large mutations occurring out of SA and UK.

Nextstrain has been a good source since last January.

Just pointing out its not just a pure guess that people are throwing out there regarding origination and timeline. Always a tiny chance though I personally don't know enough.
We have a couple relatives in science / biology. They have access to all sorts of journals and publications that I don't, but I read a lot of what they share. I believe a variety of research is still being done on all of this and we won't know the full picture for awhile. WHO set up a team that is just getting started. They are focusing on China, but I believe they are also looking at info from Italy that was suspected (but certainly not proven) be Covid from Sept / Oct. and various other theories.

This is something I saw and saved awhile back:

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1567134820301829 I believe it was a link from an article basically stating this could have been circulating thru multiple countries before identified in China.

But I'm not going to pretend I understand every word of it. lol

This all makes no difference in terms of immunity etc. as I know people who have had it twice already. So, it's not like knowing that I did or did not have it already makes me feel "safe".


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Sep 27, 2019
Good discussion on when the heck this thing really started.

Couple articles I ran across point to it starting as early as Aug-2019 in China. Europe as early as Sep-2019. The US in mid Dec-2019.



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Jun 1, 2017
I think most everyone has put themselves unnecessarily in positions to get the virus because, let's face it, we are humans and we need to live in relative comfort. I don't disparage anyone from trying to get on with their lives as long as when possible or actual infection does come, that you follow the proper protocols.


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Feb 4, 2021
I completely lost my smell in November of 2019 with no other symptoms. It lasted a long time and freaked me out. This was around the time a lot of people around me were getting really ill with "bronchitis" or as we were jokingly calling it at the time "the death cold".

Personally, I'm very skeptical of the Covid timeline as presented.
There have been viruses that cause loss of taste and smell long before covid. Understand being skeptical, just saying that loosing your smell is not a positive (or negative) test for covid. Had a relative lose theirs 5 years ago (give or take) and it actually lasted months. We were worried as they would not be able to smell a fie or anything.