1. K

    Disneyland with 3 and 1-year-old during Covid. Yay or Nay ?

    People who have been to Disneyland recently, do you recommend visiting the park with unvaccinated kids (3 and 1 yo) given that the Delta variant is spreading fast? I would love to let my kids experience the Disney magic but I am concerned about Covid. Another option for me is to take them to...
  2. H

    Aug 13 2021 - 3Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Nassau, Castaway Cay) Cruise MEET GROUP

    My families first cruise! 4yo and 6yo, with MIL coming along as well. We're excited (but nervous to get TOO excited). We will be one of the FIRST Disney Dream cruises after COVID restrictions were loosened. Fingers crossed (and a little fairy magic) that we all have SMOOTH SAILING!
  3. U

    Cruise ship capacity for COVID-19 regulations

    Has Disney posted what the capacity % will be on the cruise ships in the near future? I've booked the Dream 10-4/8-2021. It seemed to me that it sold out pretty quick. I would like to book another 2 guest with one more room. I'm just trying to find out if it's not booked 100% then there might be...
  4. N

    Aug 21’ or Spring Break 22’?

    Hi, I’m a teacher and can only travel week after Easter or this summer - thinking mid-late Aug. There are SO many considerations- crowds, heat, covid, lines, closed restaurants/attractions, etc. Our sons are currently 2.5 and 5. Regardless of when we go, our plan would be to rope drop, come...
  5. Heather07438

    Pfizer vaccine authorized for 12-15yo in US

    The US has authorised the Pfizer vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds amid a push to get the shot into more Americans' arms. Great news!
  6. mrsfenskie

    What happens if you become infected during your visit?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows someone who has: what happens if you or someone you are traveling with becomes infected with Covid during your stay at a Walt Disney World Resort? Do you extend your stay for the quarantine period? Does Disney have a procedure in...
  7. S

    DFB Guide Worth It This Year?

    Have a reservation 11/3-7/2021 at SoG with DW and my 4 year old daughter. With COVID and everything especially now being in flux (probably by then any who want the vaccine will have it ergo no masks, more character meals etc), is it worth getting the DFB eBook guide?
  8. M

    Grand Floridian: Indoor Dining Alternatives

    My family of 4 has a trip planned for June and are staying at GF. In general, we take a lot of covid precautions. Have not dined at a restaurant indoors since March 2020... We are very hopeful that we will be comfortable with indoor dining by June but if not, are there good easy alternative...
  9. G

    Which Disney Resorts have Outside Entrances to Rooms?

    We have not been to Disney since Covid began. We are thinking about going back for a few days but don't want to stay in a hotel that has interior hallways. Which Disney hotels/resorts have outside/open air entrances to the rooms? Ideally, we wanted to stay on the boardwalk but I believe all of...
  10. L

    Galaxy’s Edge Reservations and Covid

    Does anyone know how reservations/ wait times are looking for Galaxy’s Edge things- Are boarding groups for ROTR filling up as fast as they used to/ are Saavi’s reservations filling up far in advance/ are the lines for Oga’s long? I’ve got a trip coming up in March and am a little late to start...
  11. Clt_jojo

    Anyone got COVID after returning home from Disney Parks Or Universal?????

    I just read that Florida is not counting covid cases into Florida numbers. So, if you are from OHIO. Get covid while in Florida. Yet, you get home, test positive. it counts in Ohio. The state that you live in. That's why Numbers seem so low i think....anyone know anything on this...
  12. A

    We got Covid on a Disney trip

    Wife and I had a 6 night stay at poly 11/6 through 11/12. We both became symptomatic on 11/14 and tested positive on 11/16. There is a slight chance we may have had it before the trip but doubtful. This trip is the riskiest thing we've done since the start of the pandemic. We followed the rules...
  13. I

    Age check at gate?!

    So my question is... I will be going in 2 weeks and my son will be 23 months. He is kinda tall for his age. On my Disney magic band / reservations I have his birthday 12/14/18. Will they just go by that or do I need proof of age? It was a last minute trip and we are driving down bc not enough...
  14. F

    Breathable- first facemask suggestions?

    Hi all, I'm going to Disney World at the end of the month and am looking for a comfortable mask that I can manage with sunglasses. Protectiveness is not a priority whatsoever (I just recovered from covid and am not at risk to catch/spread the disease): I'm just looking for the most comfortable...
  15. Apeters430

    What kind of " normal "will return to the parks first?

    For starters let me say I know FL is no where near out of the woods with COVID cases. I have noticed a drastic and consistent decline in numbers each day recently. I am glad to see FL is going in that direction. Question. What do you think WDW next step to "normal" will be? Opening of more...
  16. monica9

    Here Now & Just Back WDW Reopening Experiences Including Park Hopping

    Moderator Note - All Off Topic Posts Will be Deleted. Stick to Here Now /Just Back content and relavent questions or your post may be removed from this thread. The Community Board is a great place to discuss the virus. Thank you. Looking for a thread to check out for the first day back at...
  17. The WDW 3

    RC Returned to work this week

    I’ve been working this entire time, but basically have been with working from home since the shut down. Yesterday was my first official day back in the office. I almost felt a little out of place yesterday, but totally adjusted today. Is anyone else still working remotely or not working at all?