Water Bottles


Earning My Ears
Mar 31, 2001
My mom and I just went to Disney this Easter and had a great time. The drink prices are pricey. We took a water bottle with a strap and just refilled water from the water fountains. There is one water fountain at the train depot by the entrance to MK that has very cold water also.


I'm a Redhead, too!
Apr 29, 2001
We're going in Aug and plan to bring our own water bottles, but where can I buy the ones with straps to refill?

Where's the talking fountain in Epcot?

We're planning on renting a fridge in room at ASMovies. Does anyone know if they have a freezer section in them? Is it worth it to rent a refridge in room to keep water & juice boxes cold for $10 per day?


Feb 23, 2001
From our experiences at hotels (not neccesarrily WDW) These fridges are the small "dorm size" fridges. They really have no "freezer". Just an area that could hold an ice cube tray.

Pro: Can keep stuff cold and if you really crank them up they will freeze most anything close to the freezer area or in the back.

Con: They cost $10 bucks a day...are kind of small

Are choice is to pack a colapsable cooler, and fill it with ice to keep our things cold. Our water bottles have wide openings so we can pack them with ice and go.

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