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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Brumeiser, May 20, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2000
    Everyone on the boards have been so helpful so help me decide which is more economical the 7 day weekly unlimited pass and bus pass or buy the fares individually. Here is our situation we are staying at Cherry Hill Campground so we will be using the bus at least once to get to the metro stop. We are going to be in DC for 6 days. I think we are going to go into DC each day until 3pm or so and go back to the RV for some relaxation and eat dinner. Then do the whole situation bus to metro stop and then go into dc for the evening a few days. The 7 day unlimited rail pass is 40 dollars and the weekly bus is 12. Thanks everyone. Cherry Hill Youtube on the metro talks about on the way back you can get a free discount pass to take the bus back to the campground so this is getting too confusing. :confused3:confused3
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    It's just me - and I want to qualify this that the DC area Metro buses are VERY efficient - But I would always choose the Metro over the bus. (Though some areas of the district, like Georgetown, you have to ride the bus) Buses, take forever - That being said.

    Here is a link to the Metro site.

    College Park Station to Smithsonian (for example) during rush hour is $3.30 a person. $2.80 a person all other times.

    So $2.8 x2 a day minimum is $5.60 a day. Then times that by 6 days is $33.60. You have not gone back any evenings - you have not gone to other areas, like the Zoo or Alexandra.

    I vote for getting the $40 weekly pass, and not worrying about it. You'll probably come out ahead.
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    I'd also vote for Metro rail over bus if I had the choice.

    Side note - Federal government starts getting off around 3 pm. If you say you want to leave by 3 pm, don't make it 3:30 pm.
    I used to work 1 block from the White House and depending on my day, most days would leave by 2:30 pm, but on the days where I didn't start heading out of town until 3 pm or so, well that short window of time makes a huge difference in traffic. Just something to keep tucked in the back of your mind!

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