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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by CTdiznymom, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Jun 25, 2005
    ARRGH- I'm so ticked. :mad: As I said in my previous post I decided to purchase my washer/dryer combo thru what I always considered a very reputable family owned appliance store that I have purchased all (and I mean about 10) appliances thru over the past 29 years. After deciding on the Maytag Centennial combo and what I thought was a good price including tax, delivery, old machine removal and replacing hoses and dryer vent I went online and found that Home Depot offered the exact models and package for $350 cheaper. $350! I'm so mad at myself and will never NEVER give them my business again. I could understand a slight difference in price being that they're not a box store, but $350 come on! In fact, I ended up getting the top of the line model in that line in black, after the saleslady in the other store told me they didn't make black in that line at all. So for $200 more, I got 2 much better machines, AND an extended 4yr. warrenty on the washer and a $100 rebate from Maytag. So what if I have to wait 4 more days. :thumbsup2
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    Sorry you are upset at the price quoted by your local store. Congrats on ending up with better machines at better prices:thumbsup2.

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    Don't forget to go online or call your utility company (electric and/or gas) and see if you qualify for a Energy Star rebate. Might put a couple hundred more back into your pocket.:thumbsup2

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