Wasaga Beach, On


Apr 28, 2005
Hello to you all!!

I'm from Montreal, and a friend of mine wants to go to Wasaga Beach, but she was wondering is the water cold or not??
She wanted to go to Old Orchard and she changed her idea because the water is too cold over there.

I'm waiting for your comments!! :cool1:
I am not from the area but have been there many times.

When was she planning on going??? If it is soon, yes the water will be very cold, and with the crummy weather we are having I can't see it getting warm any time soon.

If she is planning on going in late July or August the water will be warmer but I don't remember it ever being what I would call warm.

I know that wasn't that much help but that is all I got. :confused3
I live nearby in Collingwood but grew up in Wasaga Beach. The water will be warm by July providing we get some warm weather. The beach is quite shallow so it warms quickly if the weather cooperates.

Thank you Rebecca, I'm gonna tell my friend what you wrote me!

Thanks again!


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