Was it VV or VR that had


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Mar 24, 2001
Was it Vistana Village or Resort that had the zero depth entry pool?? Anyone remember? Thanks.
Can't speak for VR but VV has a zero depth entry for their large pool that serves as the kiddie pool area. It is a a large area about 60 by 60 feet with sprinkle fountain in the middle. That area is about 1 foot in depth at its deepest. It is divided from the rest of the pool by a rope similar to what is used in most pools to rope a deeper area. The water on the other side is only about 3 feet or so.
The Cascades' freeform, waterfall pool at (the original) Vistana Resort has, along one edge, a near-zero entry area with shooting fountain sprays to play in. Others have posted a similar description of the main pool area at Vistana Villages. All existing buildings at V. Villages are located close to the pool whereas some areas of V. Resort are far from the Cascades pool (close to other pools without this feature). Hope that helps.
The Vistana Resort has a near zero depth BUT the biggest difference is there is a step down to get into the pool. Once in the depth is about 6 inches and the gets deeper gradually but it is a big area that is shallow. One of the fountains in this area was not working when we were ther in Dec. and one of the fountains was working.
The Villages has the zero depth with no step down. Just walk right in and there is also a foutain. I liked the pool at the villages better because I did not have to worry about my 3 year old getting in and out.


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