Warning--I have extreme hathead static and I'm not afraid to use it!


Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter.....
Oct 16, 2003
I go into work yesterday and instead of our usual hair-flattening baseball-style caps that we are supposed to wear as part of our uniform, the boss has something new and seasonally appropriate: cheesy looking, supercheap red/white Santa type hats. Which, in addition to giving me extreme hat-hair, make my hair really static-y. So it's quite scary when I take off my hat and my hair is standing up at wierd angles.

There is NO way in heck I would let DH take a picture of me with the extreme hathair static thing. :laughing:
Oh well, I have to wear a stupid hair net. ALL the hair has to be in it. We can't even leave our bangs out. My sister stopped in to say hi on her way taking our kids to school. The kids made fun of me! :rolleyes:

Ha ha ha... I'm just laughing at this mental picture. When I was in college, I worked at Sears and our manager got us Santa hats with our name on the white brim, or reindeer antlers with bells on them.

So it was either have a hot, itchy, staticky head, or wear a pair of too-tight antlers that hurt your head and pulled your hair. No wonder I didn't give a hoot about helping someone match a tie to a dress shirt!

I hate static-y hair! I get that without wearing a dang hat!! Drives me nuts. Then I walk around smelling like Static Guard. Yuck!
Ugh, I'd have to quit. My hair is so baby fine that its staticky without a hat -- I wouldn't dream of putting a hat on the winter, unless of course I was freezing to death, and then I might even think twice.

lol at the mental image...

i know what you mean about static-y hair. i am the queen of static!! i can't do anything without shocking the heck out of myself of someone else!!! i go through lots and lots of static guard in the winter months!!
I discovered today that part of the reason my hair gets so static-y with that hat on is because whatever it is made of makes my head itchy. :( So I spent the whole day re-adjusting the hat and itching my head. Bleh.



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