Wanted to Share a Disney Paper Piecing with you Scrappers...

Very cute! Aren't Shaker Boxes fun? You've inspired me...I've got those Mickey punches myself!

WOW, that looks wonderful! I also really like your lettering, did you do it yourself or use a stencil or something? I am always so afraid to do my own lettering!

Grover in Winnipeg
That looks really neat !! Does anyone know where I can find directions on how they are made.... I leave for Disney in 2 days and think it would look great in the vacation album !!

with more detailed info about the title and shaker box.

Thanks for the compliments!!

Now, If I could figure out how to do it, I might get more use out of those Mickey punches I just HAD to have!
Thats really cute! I made a shaker box the other day with a Christmas tree and used "snow"
beads/glitter in it, and forgot to seal the top before I shook it to see what it looked like, and as you can guess, I had glitter EVERYWHERE! Especially in my hair and eyelashes! What a mess! Moral: always seal your shaker boxes! :)
Hot Off the Press published a book called 201 Paper Piecing Patterns (or Designs, I'm not near the book right now). It has quite a few Disney designs inside it. I plan on using quite a few of them after our Disney trip in October. :-)

The book is about $20.

For a cheap way of making patterns, use children's coloring books!
I have several Disney punches - picked up at local stores. I have the walking Mickey, the Mickey ears and Winnie the Pooh head.
That is a great layout. Could you explain what a shaker box is and how to make one? Do you put a photo inside it or just punch objects?



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