Walking down the aisle alone?

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by Summer-Caitlin, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Summer-Caitlin

    Summer-Caitlin DIS Veteran

    Aug 15, 2006
    We are getting married at SBP and the only people attending our wedding is Steven (obviously) and my mom. Now I wanted my mom to walk before me sort of like a maid of honor thing, plus I wanted her to be able to see me walking down the aisle.
    Now this means I will be walking down the aisle myself, has anyone ever done this before, I haven't a clue how to walk and I'm wondering if it will look silly?
    Also when Rev Miller asks who gives me away, is it my mom that says something? Also what does she say 'I do', 'me'? I don't know!!!
    Does Steven have the rings on him, or my mom? Does my mom take my bouquet during the ceremony? Does she stand or sit during the ceremony?
    As you can all tell, I am slightly freaking out now. My wedding is 28 days away and I knew the panic would set in sooner or later:scared:
    If someone could answer my questions and put my mind at ease I would be really grateful:flower3:
  2. hulagirl87

    hulagirl87 DIS Veteran

    Jan 16, 2006
    It was just my DH and I when we got married... I started down the aisle by myself and then he came down and met me halfway and we walked up the rest of the way together.
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  4. hiwaygal

    hiwaygal Only someone as wonderful as Donna can get my PM's

    Apr 21, 2005
    It was just DH and me too...and I heard about doing it that way after our wedding. I would have had him meet me halfway too if I had been creative enough. I think that symbolism is just too touching!!

    It won't look silly if it's just you by yourself...many brides have done it that way (including me).

    Since it was just the two of us, our WC held my bouquet (she also held my cell phone so my mom could hear the ceremony). I believe we gave our rings to Rev. Kevin before the ceremony so he could bless them and present them to us when needed.

    Talk to your officiant about the "giving away" part. We didn't have that part in our vows so the question never came up;) If you don't want to have that part, maybe he can take it out. I also saw some sample vows somewhere that said the bride and groom "give" themselves (or something like that). I think in most cases your mom would just say "I do".

    There will be chairs there so your mom can do whatever makes her comfortable.

    Gosh...I remember that excitement/stress. I know it sounds weird, but try not to let it "get to you"...try to enjoy it...it goes by so quickly!
  5. dmslush

    dmslush <font color="navy">If you don't let your dog poop

    Oct 18, 2000
    I'll try to help just a little. The only people going to my wedding is df and our 15 year old dd. I am planning on doing the same, have her walk down, then walk down by myself.

    I haven't a clue how to walk and I'm wondering if it will look silly? Your going to be a bride, so therefore you will not look silly!! Just walk at a slow pace, take your time and enjoy it.

    Also when Rev Miller asks who gives me away, is it my mom that says something? Also what does she say 'I do', 'me'? I don't know!!! She can say it however she is most comfortable. When you have a father giving away his daughter, he usually says "Her mother and I do" so I think "I do" would be fine. We are actually having that removed from our vows because no one is going to be there to 'give' me away.

    Does Steven have the rings on him, or my mom? Let them decide, it might be better for him since he will have pockets.

    Does my mom take my bouquet during the ceremony? I am giving mine to my daughter. You can give it to your mom, or ask that a small table or something be sitting there for you to lay it on.

    Does she stand or sit during the ceremony? If you are having her walk down the isle in a bride's maid capacity, I would ask her to stand.

    Finally, RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jhk1206

    jhk1206 Earning My Ears

    Oct 26, 2005
    We were married at the WP - I walked down the aisle by myself. We had a bunch of guests, and no, I don't think it looked silly. Actually, I was a bit worried about it myself, but now I'm glad I went by myself.

    The beauty part of working with most of the officiants down there is that you can develop your own ceremony - so, if you don't want the 'giving away' part in the ceremony, don't have it. That's completely up to you. We did not have it, although my parents were both in attendance. I just didn't want it...

    My DH had the rings in his pocket - that was easier. Our 'best men' were 9 & 10 years old (my son & my step son), so we didn't 'bother' with having them carry them - they probably just lose them!

    I ended up holding my bouquet for a while, and then Rev Jack took it from me and set it on the altar. (my MOH was my 11 yr old step daughter - my bouquet and hers would have just been too much for her). I'd say ask for a small side table, if you like. As for your mom and sitting or standing, I'd ask her what she'd like to do. She may want to be there by your side, or she may want to sit. Again, the beauty of a Disney wedding is you can do pretty much anything you want - it's not a 'rigid' as a church ceremony.

    Relax and enjoy - it all goes by TOOOO fast!!!
    - Jill
  7. Ember

    Ember <font color=blue>I've also crazy glued myself to m

    Aug 1, 2005
    I walked up the isle all by myself, it was fun! I didn't want to be given away so we just didn't do that part, but you can always have your mum answer that she's gives you away.
  8. JandJ

    JandJ <font color=darkorchid>If I close my mind in fear

    Nov 1, 2005
    I think your mom should decide if she wants to sit or stand. Either would be nice, and it can be her choice.

    You can hold his ring and he can hold yours or he can hold both since he'll have pockets. You should be able to hold your bouquet for most of the ceremony (except the ring exchange and your sand ceremony) but I'm sure your minister is familiar with small Disney weddings and will know what to do to help you with your bouquet. If your mom is sitting, she can just stand up and take it from you - she won't be sitting far away.

    I skipped the whole "who gives this woman to be married" thing. Without my mom there I just didn't want to do it. If you don't know what your mom will say or if she's not comfortable with it, just cut that part out of the ceremony.

    I know it all seems very overwhelming as it gets closer but you'll be fine :goodvibes
  9. disneyheaven

    disneyheaven Made all our dreams come true at our Disney Weddin

    Oct 13, 2005
    Have no worries sweetie! You will do just fine! I walked myself down the aisle too (after much much much contemplation due to issues with my father) and I think it was the best decision I ever made (for me, that is - I would have given anything to have a different situation but I made the best of what I had). Here are some pics of how we did it.

    Here is a picture of me shortly after the doors opened in the back of the Wedding Pavilion


    Here is my amazing hubby waiting for me to make it halfway down the aisle


    Here is another one of me walking alone (and being so happy to see my family, friends, and love of my life!)


    And here is my husband walking towards me. He met me halfway down the aisle, gave me a sweet, gentle kiss on my forehead, and then we continued towards the alter together.


    It was perfect for us. Mark is my best best friend and I can't imagine anyone else "giving me away". Have faith in yourself and know that special walk with me just magical for you.

    There will be nerves, of course...but it will all be worth it in the end (especially for your DH as he awaits for those gorgous white doors to swing open!) Mark says that was an amazing moment.

    Good luck and best wishes!
  10. jasonandlisa

    jasonandlisa Mouseketeer

    Mar 18, 2007
    That's a great series of photos! You look soooo happy!!!
  11. ecoon

    ecoon Mouseketeer

    Jul 23, 2007
    I am getting married at SeaBreeze Point as well. Both my mom and dad are walking me down the aisle halfway. We are walking up from the left side of the gazebo and then along the back (does that make sense?). When we get to the back of the gazebo my parents will kiss me goodbye and then walk down the aisle and sit down. Then I will walk to Ben by myself. I figure it stretches the walk out a little bit and then I can walk to Ben alone without my parents crushing my dress. Plus my mom said she didn't think she could make it all the way without blubbering the whole way so she liked the idea!
  12. JonetteA

    JonetteA <font color=green>A Tag is a wish that's granted,

    Dec 12, 2001
    I love the halfway idea. I think it symbolizes the rest of your life. No longer will it just be you alone, but you will meet each other halfway.
  13. PrincessJasmine

    PrincessJasmine Mouseketeer

    Sep 3, 2005
    I'm walking alone down the aisle. We are two brides, but she doesn't want to walk down the aisle. She's taking on more of the groom role I guess you could say. So I figured that since her father won't be giving her away, I'd rather walk down the aisle by myself. For the same reasons I'm not walking down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride".
  14. Malibelle

    Malibelle <font color=magenta>Malibelle<font color=darkorchi

    Feb 5, 2006
    Summer- My parents are divorced and I though my mom had the right just as much as my dad did to walk me down the aisle. So I decided that I would walk half way alone and my parents met me in the middle and walked me the rest of the way. It worked out perfect!

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